what we do while waiting out winter ‘12/’13…

for CHRISTmas jarod received sneaky, snacky squirrel… “because sometimes life can get a bit squirrely.” needless to say, it’s been a huge hit with one little boy, while the other bigger boy enjoys playing along.what makes this game a winner are these: squirrel tweezers.matching colored acorns to colored holes also has its appeal. and of course, there’s lots of learning “game etiquette” going on simultaneously.another favorite pastime: jarod’s version of “floor time.”

the sprout’s version of “floor time.”a variant of “floor time” – “tea time.” even after all these years (3, to be exact), sterling still enjoys this book.

yet another much loved book that has stood the test (& kisses) of time.

these days the sprouts are either putting on their “winter fat” or they’re about to hit a growth spurt. lovin’ these round (& kissable) cheeks.while jarod was out of town i decided we were going to play dress up. hence, sterling “deep under cover.”immediately, liberty began begging for the giraffe costume.

so cute! interestingly enough, the giraffe continues to also be sterling’s favorite.for the most part, he was content being a zebra.. that is, until liberty was done with being a giraffe.seriously, how can you not love a boy in rainbow suspenders? meanwhile, i got some awesome giggles with my clown nose. sorry… have yet to perfect the dslr self portrait. 😉liberty’s going for an ecletic look.while sterling’s enjoying the colors of the rainbow, on his head.and now, the much coveted giraffe suit, which just barely fits.

the sprouts crazily blessed my mommy (& literary) heart when i caught them cuddled up in their comfy spots with their books and blankies.recently sterling received these for fun bathtime use. let’s just say, we understand the concept of teaching the kids how to create new colors by putting two together, but the yellow tablets are just wrong! hence, the pink! 😉

the sprouts (& daddy) love all things technological. daddy’s lap is a bonus.this season jarod has especially enjoyed sharing aggie football highlights with the sprouts. as you can see, liberty is quite the fan herself, though sterling can be accomodating, at this point he has absolutely no interest.

ironically, she’ll randomly don gloves for play time but on the most inconvenient occasion she’s been known to be absolutely intollerent of them when outside and the temperature has plunged well below zero. go figure!?!

even so, gotta love a girl who takes her work so seriously. 😉

sterling’s super estatic about his new shirt, which at first he mistankly thought was a moose. however, upon discovering it was a deer, he thought that was pretty cool too. only thing is, now his shirt doesn’t match his socks. 😉 but then again, neither does his much loved spaceship. not quite sure how i feel about his new way of posing. 😮 (-: yep, that’s marker on her mouth. so very thankful for washable. otherwise, our sprouts still wouldn’t know what a marker was! love her, intensely… marker mouth & all. Jeven with his bad haircut (thanks to me!), i can’t help but be smitten with this smile & his laughing eyes.recently sterling’s been using our spare room & bed (so inviting, don’t ya think?) as his classroom. naturally, he’s the teacher… and instructs with great authority!

these shirts were in a surpise package… all the way from abilene, texas! yay! we ❤ matching! and big laughs!still can’t get enough of our “fuzzy head”…and our boy with his “alphy hair” (only slightly visible from the side). :->…and lastly, a final giggle… 😉


5 thoughts on “what we do while waiting out winter ‘12/’13…

  1. I have run out of words to express my amazement, awe, love, happiness, adoration and on and on and on for these two!!!!!

    There’s plenty more amazement, awe, love, happiness, adoration and on and on and on for two very special people that they call Mommy & Daddy!!

  2. Looks like you had agreat Christmas. Liberty is growing so fast. Sterling is a very handsome guy. Looking forward to a great year reading your blog. Nanamaw

  3. Awe!!! They are so big! And adorable! It’s nowhere near as cold here, and I still find myself staying inside and reading to Baby H instead of going out. I love how literary your sprouts are! ❤ adorbs! Love you guys! Hugs from the west side!

  4. Hi guys! Had time to update our blog finally and read all the comments on other posts and that brought me to you! The beautiful children are so grown up now, I still remember little Liberty as a week-old baby! Are you guys coming to BKK soon? Do drop us a line to let us know when you are coming… would love to meet up! God bless!!!

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