what we do while waiting out winter {part 4}

no… and yes… photography… but also created some of these camera strap covers. nice & simple way to bring some personality & recognition to my most favorite accessory! seriously though, when you’re with others who sport big, black cameras, this is a wonderful way to find your camera at a glance. <it took me a few tries to get it just right – and even now it’s clear i needed to ‘enforce’ my seams a little more. but a fun project you can find variations of on pinterest.> sterling made his first snow man!

and i made my 1st snowman ever! and since our ‘fridge’ also functions as a freezer our ‘icebox’ is dressed in appropriate attire!in the world of sewing projects, i bought this material online and covered my first pillow. this print makes me crazy happy! 😀 found this wonderful scarf online & then found the instructions on pinterest, originally pinned from here. very happy with the results! <and quite honestly, just as pleased with my assistant… who graciously works as my personal calculator & hands-on technician!>

i was in need of a new apron, so when i saw this i knew it was a project i needed to pursue. after buying fabric online, waiting for it to arrive… and lots of trial & error (that’s what we novices do!) i was finally able to complete this otherwise basic kitchen necessity!

and i completed this! an ipad cover for my man! fitting that it was my first ever completed project… but was kept under wraps until valentine’s day. while making it i thought it was a fun way to share the love, but since putting it to use, i’ve discovered that i absolutely love it! not because we actually needed a cover, but because unlike our otter box, it’s not black! seems that most of our technology is black so when looking quickly for it, it’s easy to spot! score! so thankful for the creativity of others… and their willingness to share the how-to’s with the rest of us!

sterling & i did some letter art. “the b’s like to walk & the d’s like to talk!” yep, even copied this from someone else. seriously, i’m not that creative or smart!sterling’s not much on coloring. he prefers to write words. (let me be honest, he’s great up to 3 or 4 in one sitting, max.) i guess something in him wants his efforts to count. or maybe he’s like his daddy, even in fun he has to be productive. however, we discovered that swirling & scribbling are fun ways to practice his motor skills… and “create” art.

and lastly, the most neglected project in our home: this sign. because i was scared of messing up the decal i had a visiting artist apply it for me… 2 ½ years ago! then, not wanting to put any holes in our concrete walls i struggled with where to hang it. not to mention i had great plans of adding the translated meaning at the bottom of my ikea door sign. finally, after a spurt of “duh – ribbon hung on a nail!” i removed the not-so-loved framed art hanging near our door and replaced it with this. and well, it conveys the sentiments of my heart much more so than klimts “tree of life“.

sterling embellished my display. i love it. so there you have it… after a much needed break from technology we’re back! and we welcome you back to our “space” here in bloggy land!

for more pinterest inspiration you can join the masses of addicted pinners at pinterest.com or you can simply check out my “sew new (& no sew) DIY ideas” and to-do list here.


2 thoughts on “what we do while waiting out winter {part 4}

  1. WOW!!! You’re becoming quite the seamstress! That’s great! I really liked how the cover for the iPad came out. ;~) It really does look like an Etch-a-Sketch! Again, you did good and I know Jarod found it to be very special.
    THAT Sterling!!!!! What else is there to say, other than he is just AWESOME!!!!!! He’s doing so good with his letters and words. But then, he does have a great teacher! ;~)
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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