we’re out of here! {part 1}

alternative title: what we do while waiting out winter {part 5}

simply put, when possible, we escape it!

our hot Texas roots go deep & sometimes a sweat fest (compromised of equal parts heat & humidity) is just what’s needed to make it through 6 months of winter!

here’s a glimpse of how we spent our time sweating it out away. hope you enjoy the heat!

love his eyes. & the single layer of clothes!a dress… & a scooter! just a swingin’…

8 days of doctor appointments. & a mini-meltdown, resulting in an impromptu nap. awesome!shopping! our loot: a toy tuk tuk (local form of transportation) & a carry-on for the littlest traveler. a coffee for the man & a lemonade slushy for the chick. Jfun times in the “great room” with lots of friends.learning a bit about baseball… eventually holding the “right” end of the bat. 😉reading. though not nearly as much as i had hoped. boo on me for not packing the kindle!enjoyed the sunshine, the big blue sky and playing with an umbrella.jarod taught the sprouts the joy of playing in a sprinkler. grass underfoot: yippy!she wasn’t a fan. but he was!enjoyed a 30 day free trial of netflix: anything leapfrog is always a hit.and here she is… with her much loved rolley bag. the flowers, the size and yes, even the zipper – just perfect! the sprouts made sweet friends. and so did we.enjoyed an indoor play land that also had an art room. liberty’s first time painting …and as serious as always!sterling was a bit more relaxed, but he quickly lost interest.this super speed slide however captured his heart.liberty enjoyed the outdoor area where she retrieved water from a rock.on a rare occasion she was the only one in the kiddy pool. obviously, a sweet treat!

Oh the joys of childhood: zooming around & blistered feet. (but not a single complaint!)and jumping in the pool! a million times!we (adults) enjoyed several meals out.including a valentine’s outback lunch and tex-mex.


2 thoughts on “we’re out of here! {part 1}

  1. OH NO!!!!!!! My beautiful Sterling’s looking like a “little man” in that first picture!!!!! (snif, snif) That means he’s growing up! I LOVE YOU STERLING!! PLEASE DON’T GROW UP TOO FAST!!!!
    And then there’s little miss Liberty, beautiful as ever and THEN!! All of a SUDDEN!!! What do we SEE?????
    Her unhappy sprinkler picture just pops right and takes you by surprise! How can something so small and gorgeous have so many facial expressions?? I LOVE YOU LIBERTY!!!!!
    Thank you Jennifer for all your hard work in letting us in your lives by way of pictures!

  2. Oh wow, that first picture of Sterling and the last picture of Liberty are absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing. J, I am so sorry to read about your grandma’s passing. Love you much.

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