we’re out of here! {part 2}

i admit that the majority of our time away i tried to simiply soak up the sun & relax. which meant i wasn’t always on mamarazzi duty and at times i was engrossed more in the moment – or the conversation – than i was in capturing it. definitely not my usual. my introverted self (yes, you read that right!) has grown to love being behind the camera. however, sometimes life allows me the awesome privilege of walking alongside of others. and this vacation allowed me to do that – with lots of people.

so, the moments captured, well, they are the precious few (at least by my definition of “few”).

as always, hope our moments {captured} bless you – as we share our journey & some of our greatest blessings.


confessions of an ameteur photographer: one of the things i try to do from time to time is see my surroundings as potential. rarely does my ideal potential pan out. but i think this carriage picture is pretty cute.we enjoyed the rare opportunity to go to what we call a “church building”. the sprouts enjoyed the “children’s sermon” as well as play time with other kiddos while we enjoyed attending service in a more traditional setting. in my case, early arrival allows for impromptu photo op.i mentioned that i’m a bit introverted… right? well, there were a couple of occassions that my introverted self just needed to, well, be by itself! on one such occasion i dresssed as a tourist (certainly easy to do on the east side!), with my earbuds plugged in and camera dangling from my neck and went on a little adventure. here’s my view:

an interesting graphic in an alleyway in route to the lightrail. i made a point to stop and enjoy the flowers.about a half mile trek later – the wonderful, traffic-free, lightrail.

on the last stop i joined the masses at the weekend market. still frame can never convey just how crowded a place is. the unending motion. it wasn’t until i was reviewing these images that i saw the sign. wish i had noticed it in person. i spent quite a while looking around. eventually i decided to buy a few finds, but got lost trying to relocate them. argh. eventually made my purchases – several $3 dresses. i figure if i’m gonna try a new style, i might as well try it on the cheap!on the days that the trek back to our “tye home” was too far for little legs we’d jump in a tuk tuk. the ultimate treat for sterling… & liberty. yes! the girl does like the feel of wind in her hair! unfortunately, they’re a total rip-off since they cater only to foreigners (if you’re going far enough… but always charging more than a taxi). confirmation of theory – we never once saw a local riding one.several weeks into our time away from home jarod was due for a haircut. and he decided the sprouts were due for an icecream.back at “tye home” the sprouts enjoyed watching some ladies doing yard work – a totally new concept to their “concrete jungle” reality.there are several malls there… but one of the grandest houses an aquariam. win-win-win-WIN! even after 2 years, sterling was still talking about “the aquarium.” so, it was only fitting that we visit again.

the 8 meter tall glass wall always impresses. as do the many varieties of seahorses, penguins, & sharks. another mall had an “airport theme.” complete with termal signs hanging from the ceiling & lots of inspiration for a little boy – who just happened to have his very own mini-plane (bought at the weekend market) for the occasion. sterling was majorly impressed with the “san franscico” floor – and it’s impressive golden gate bridge, complete with cars.

the trolley was pretty impressive too.

feeling the need for some rice-a-roni?in honor of our hungry stomachs we enjoyed tex-mex, with an awesome side of gormet (seriously!) hot dog for the children, apple and pumpkin pie! made even sweeter with a few smiles & cuddles.

another popluar outing was the indoor play place. kinda ironic since we have our fair share of them here – necessary due to the 6 months of freezing temperatures. but necessary there for just the opposite reason – the unrelenting heat. needless to say, it was a hit & jarod absolutely loved his time playing it out with the sprouts.

i tried to get sterling to ride a trainer bike – 1 without peddles, and another one without training wheels, but it just wasn’t fun. so we went back to the old standby. and had a blast.on our second visit liberty was tired, so instead of all the climbing, running, & sliding involved in our first visit, she mostly enjoyed playing in the balls… with friends. even with all the fun outings, what i enjoyed most was watching the sprouts simply be kids – exploring, playing, running, swinging & riding… all outside. and on occasion barefoot.in only a diaper.

or in his case, in his swimsuit (why pack more than one outfit?) happily drenched from head to toe.such wonderful memories.

as a family.

our last day i finally got the family picture jarod promised me prior to our arrival!

good-bye heat. good-bye sandals. good-bye grass beneath our feet. good-bye single layers. and good-bye humidity.


we’re out of here!

we’re going “home, home.”


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