moving Easter…

on the east side we rarely celebrate holidays on their official “dates.” in fact, our 1st four years on the east side we often found ourselves sitting in a dark and dreary classroom on CHRISTmas, valentine’s day, birthdays, good friday and just about any other holiday that occurred on monday thru friday.

Easter, however, was always immune to the mundane simply because it’s on sunday.

early on, Easter was a big holiday. we celebrated it much like others celebrate CHRISTmas – gifts, candy, and a chance to share our passion. even with all the festivities we always kept it simple, mainly because eggs, bunnies, pomp and circumstance have very little in common with freezing temperatures and a culture that knows nothing about dressing up in “their sunday best”, complete with hat and basket.

in spite of the cultural challenges and differences, memories of those first east side Easters are still some of our sweetest.

our first Easter in the states with sprouts was quite eye-opening, quite the antithesis of our experience in the east. unlike in years past, we enjoyed going to a church building, complete with a professional grade worship team, and the gift of family sitting nearby as we contemplated the gift of salvation.

oh, and i also had the privilege of learning first hand just how crazy community organized egg hunts can be, when the public, the very competitive adult public, is involved in toddler’s egg hunts.

even after those 30 minutes of total shock, the west side Easter experience as a new mommy was exciting.

last year (to my delight) we made plans to visit the states during Easter. though i was now fully aware of how to “participate” in an Easter egg hunt, i was excited at the prospect of trading in the big community hunt for a local, low key, neighborhood park egg hunt.

and of course, the chance to celebrate the big holiday with family & friends, again!

this year Easter will be a little different.

first of all, it’s moving residence. instead of being on march 28th we’re moving it into april. not too far away from its 2013 home since it moves dates every year.

but still, we know for some, the idea of moving Easter can feel, well, blasphemous.

however, this year, a move is required.

you see, this year we’ll be flying high in the sky. or worse yet, we’ll fly for an hour, spend 7 hours at our layover, then fly another 6 hours. not exactly how i would choose to spend my Easter.

so i’m not.

that’s why we’re moving Easter, and the celebration thereof, to another day.

so, this sunday, as you celebrate Easter, know that we’re excited for you… for it truly is a “big holiday” worthy of our reflection, meditation and life-changing dedication.

and as we as we spend our sunday flying, or more likely, simply trying to “make it through the day” with two little ones and a horrific travel schedule, we’d appreciate your prayers.

then, come april, when we celebrate Easter, we invite you to join us… because bunnies, chocolate, and colored eggs will either be consumed, or smelly by then, but the sacrifice and power of our Savior is timeless… and timely.

happy Easter!


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