3 hours, once upon a time…

i used to have 3 hours.

3 hours every afternoon.

oh glorious nap time!

3 hours to accomplish stuff. house work. email. blog posts. monthly & weekly updates.

3 hours to relax & reconnect. enjoy pinterest. read blogs. catch up with friends.

3 hours allowed plenty of time for my quiet time.

in the last 6 months my 3 hours has turned into 10 minutes, on a good day.

how did that happen?

you might ask.

i always ask!

oh yes, liberty’s nap is roughly an hour and a half.

my opportunity to accomplish stuff, relax & reconnect has been brutally reduced by half.

but now that sterling doesn’t nap, liberty’s naptime has become our time to do “homeschool.”

which means we do a reading lesson and any number of other monitored activities including, but not limited to: writing and/or spelling practice, simple math using a variety of hands on concepts (including apps, which i oversee), calendar learning, and various worksheets to reinforce concepts. it’s with great joy that i engage sterling during his educational adventure, but truth be told, it leaves me little time for the other things i used to accomplish during the afternoon stretch.

instead i find myself using the little energy i have left over at the end of the day trying to keep up with all the stuff that’s not getting done. dishes. laundry.

and, oh yeah, trying to also find free homeschool resources online.

it’s been a challenging journey for sure… and i’m sure i could be doing a better job in each area… but currently i don’t have perspective to know how.

mostly I just want to cry because i want my 3 hours back!

so those of you with perspective… or an ounce of encouragement ;)… i’m open to your advice.


looking forward to finding the time to learn from you.



3 thoughts on “3 hours, once upon a time…

  1. Hi jdavis- I am ALSO jdavis- my family should be headed to your place soon- so I guess entertaining them makes your time even MORE limited. 🙂

    I know Dad has great plans for this visit….


  2. Sister, I totally understand! Now you know why I can’t keep up with Pinterest. 🙂 I would say do minimal “homeschool” as you are still at a stage where you are not required to teach everyday. I know Sterling is enjoying the learning, which you definitely want to feed off of, but maybe you can do a little less with Sterling in order to have a few more moments of down time/reenergizing for the rest of the day. Homeschooling can take a lot of extra time, especially when you add a second one to the mix. 🙂 I will be asking for wisdom each day to know when to do more and when to do less…Another idea that popped in to my head was to maybe try a 3 or four day school week and give yourself another afternoon that no homeschool is going on. During our kindergarten year (with Sonlight) I chose the four day a week schedule and liked that option. Love you and miss you lots! You are doing a great job! Sterling and Liberty are blessed!

  3. The time you are losing is time well spent. (memories of growing up and having my mom homeschooling my brothers and I are some of the sweetest memories I have).
    We could always be doing things “better”, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t already doing great. I’m so thankful for you guys and your desire to honor Dad in everything, in the home and out. 🙂
    And your words of advice to me have come to mind a lot in the past few years. To rest when given the opportunity (if you notice it’s an opportunity, of course!) because life’s schedule can be pretty hectic but also like a roller coaster.

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