five sentence friday #19

some have asked, many are curious: do you want or plan to have any more children?

the short answer is: we continue to be open to adoption but we’ve learned that even, especially in this, his timing is perfect. then, there’s this: the 7 years we were struggling with infertility i often cried out to the Lord, “if you open my womb, i will never close it again.”

being that God is a God of faithfulness, i know his righteousness demands that i keep my vows, as well.

that being said, he has thus far chosen to bless us with 2 more-than-we-deserve amazing sprouts & so we rest content in his perfect grace & loving provision.


One thought on “five sentence friday #19

  1. ❤ love to you all. God is a God of perfect timing, and he is particularly creative. You just never know what will happen, but it's always good to be totally and 100% content with the blessings that have already been delivered. Thanks be to God!

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