5.6 – 5.12 week in review {insta-jd2}

today we celebrated a friends birthday by going to an arcade. sensory overload aside, I love that our sprouts had a blast – for free! love the seriousness displayed by both sprouts while “driving”!

today, pushing buttons was all the rage! fun to see the sprouts sitting at the controls… made me think of NASA. 😉

sprouts (1 in particular) excited about construction equipment. I was most excited about the 80 degree weather after such a brutal winter! seriously, spring didn’t even last the customary 2 weeks this year! of course, it’s only may 6th, so there’s still time for more snow!

only here would a container of wet wipes, a colander, & an electrical cord be considered prizes at the arcade! today I spotted this claw game roadside & was surprised to discover the only item “up for grabs” was a pack of cigarettes with a piece of styrofoam banded to it. :-/ only here! /-:

so much about our apartment I love… & a lot about our complex I like… but I HATE what I refer to as “the dungeon”! the underground where our bikes are required to park. as in, they’re not allowed on the complex grounds. especially despise that it is usually a 10 – 15 degree temp drop down there & the lighting is so bad this is what my bike looks like WITH flash!

our girl has become quite the lover (& demander) of accessories! she always comes home from pre-k with cuter hair than when she arrived! today she had a blast going down the slides! & I absolutely love the butterfly on her jean pocket – since her name here is “blue butterfly”!

coming home from pre-k & playing outside… I’m having a hard time keeping up with him… always on the move! however, I have been getting lots of video of him belting it out to Seeds Family Worship!

gone fishin’! practicing for their time with LaoYe! Love #thegteatoutdoors.

gone fishin'! practicing for their time with LaoYe! Love #thegteatoutdoors.

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great view!

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hair is art: Liberty on her way to school THEN Liberty when I picked her up! amazing!

NoodleBug DVD (via taobao) gets them moving!!! ❤

NoodleBug DVD (via taobao) gets them moving!!! ❤

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happily going to pre-k! at home he's been learning about seeds… 2 of his favorite "seed" books are: The Oak Inside the Acorn & The Trellis and the Seed. We're ALL also loving Seed Family Worship (via iTunes)

what we do while #waiting for daddy to come home after 3 sleeps: fishing with friends. sidewalk chalk. & slides.

lovin’ the #subway! on our way to have dinner with friends sprouts were seriously giddy! love that something as simple as public transportation can make them so happy. they’re great at making the mundane exciting!

forgot to mention my biggest dislike about “the dungeon”: transporting the sprouts up & down the steep ramp… having them walk it introduces a whole other set of frustrations. 😉

(too) late night out with friends. sprouts had an absolute blast! here they’re attacking the “alligator”! 🙂 great imaginations! good times!http://instagram.com/p/ZF_kVYLElI/

after too many days away we sent the sprouts to school then went on a morning date! starbuck’s local flavor: red bean green tea frappe, my man, me next to what Jarod says are the coolest emergency exit doors ever, & yummy hot pot!

our date included mall hopping & some serious reality checks! we left one mall (Starbucks), rode past a 2nd mall to get to the newEST mall – totaling about 10 minutes on bike – where we quickly realized that with stores like Rolex & no place to park our bikes, we did not belong! however, Jarod was impressed with the cantilever ceiling. 😉

today our precious girl turned 2 1/2… oh how time flies! this morning I told her she looked like Kerah (I think it was the purple bow). she totally lit up! apparently I gave her the greatest compliment ever because she kept saying Kerah all day long… especially when I told her she was pretty! LOVE my 2 1/2 year old! sniff, sniff.

in transit… on our way home. with Mother’s Day right around the corner I’m going for the “super mom award” or at least the title of “carpooling queen”! in all honesty, “mommy” is by far the hardest & most rewarding job I’ve ever had… & it’s so worth it, even if I never get my carpooling badge!

love new life & growth!

love new life & growth!

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new buds on the grape vine, our precious sprouts & my 1st flower from miss Liberty. in awe & honored!

his afternoon we opted for extended play time at the playground… which meant not being home to prep & cook dinner… which meant we went to a nearby won ton restaurant. Libert patiently waiting for our food & Sterling begging to handle (as in carry) our trays of steaming hot bowls to us. uh, no. their cuteness never ceases to amaze me!

sprouts hanging out in the doorway welcoming new customers while we finish up dinner. then back to the playground for more fun & treats – yoghurt!

Liberty’s doing the classic “Sterling” sign… something he did when we met him! “peace out!”

sweet morning with my sweetheart & sprouts… & hot vanilla cinnamon milk 😛

sweet morning with my sweetheart & sprouts… & hot vanilla cinnamon milk 😛

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gave myself my 1st razor trim. #proud

gave myself my 1st razor trim. #proud

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Liberty @ 2 1/2 used chopsticks for the 1st time! once again following in Sterling’s footprints. #impressed again! much post-dinner dancing was enjoyed!

jdavis2 + sprouts

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