family portraits 2013 – sprouts: up close & personal!

even though “our goal” was family portraits, the goal of the photo studio was definitely not us – but the sprouts. suffice to say we now have several great photos of them.

and so here they are…

just keepin’ it real!

first thing the “stylist” did was grab a water bottle in an attempt to tame Sterling’s “cowlick”.  i quickly put an end to that.  what they failed to realize is i intentionally cut his hair this way! yeah, we’re an affectionate bunch…love my boys!and here the studio decided to go with a “natural look.”i never, in a million years, would have thought to give a child a sucker during a photo shoot… but Sterling was thrilled with their prop of choice!yep, this is too good to be true! we are NOT making a habit of this method!and here he is, our little man.Liberty thought the sucker was pretty awesome, too. dribble, dribble.natural & windblown!these days when i look at Liberty i see more of a little girl and less of a toddler… but this image reveals she’s still “my baby girl.”  i love this picture of us two! truth be told, our sweet girl wanted nothing to do with me on this particular day… making this moment all the sweeter! can you say, “daddy’s girl”?yep, he’s the “fun one” in our family!waaaay past her nap time Liberty was not interested in dressing up… until she saw this little pink number. her beautiful hair do was quickly & grumpily destroyed – every time – but eventually i was able to nonchalantly apply this velcro(!) double heart (1 pat & that was that!) & we were good to go!lots of personality & absolutely adorable!and in keeping with tradition, our family – all toes!


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