jolly june!

we love the summer… & this one is no exception!

unlike last year, june has brought with it hot temperatures, with intermittent cool days & lots of sunshine! last year it seemed to rain daily & at this point i was still wearing a cardigan!

along with warmer temps we enjoy seeing & hearing birds… something we didn’t see or hear our first 3 years on the east side!

and as is tradition, this season marks a time of great excitement & busyness as we welcome friends from far & wide.

sterling’s extroverted tendencies really become obvious during this time of year… as well as his preference for the female gender. (just statin’ the obvious!) even though he’s outgrowing the joy of our complex’s playground, running like a wild boy & biking like a pro (with training wheels, of course) are some of his favorite pastimes. however, during liberty’s nap time while we’re stuck inside i’m thoroughly enjoying homeschooling. i’m pretty sure he feels the same!

this is also a wonderful time of year for liberty has the climate is more manageable for her eczema and as she’s gotten older, outings have become much more manageable. as always, she remains our little miss independence and is quite happy to enjoy the freedom of running around outside. in fact, she just received a pink (naturally, her favorite color!) tricycle for her excursions!

thumbs up!& the copy cat, kinda: pointer up!big belly! don’t let this image fool you… he’s still skinny as a rail. however, he’s eating a lot at each meal, so it seems he’s going through a growth spurt!picture shirts from their pre-k… conveniently advertising their name & phone number on the back 😉 perfect for bedtime!after 6 months of almost daily exposure liberty saw this baby doll & at 2 ½ years old, suddenly became very interested in it! and so the delivery process began…sterling even got excited to welcome the newest baby doll to the family.seriously, liberty’s joy threatened to rival my own upon her joining our family! thanks NaiNai for the well-loved gift! (of course, the intensity & longevity of her excitement had absolutely nothing on mine!) even so, can’t help but marvel at how God created us with the desire to love & nurture others. domestic diva & sidekick! i would love to say i’ve set a good example, but i just can’t…’cause in her world, sterling is the ultimate trend setter: ROAR!!!


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