6.15 – 6.21 week in review {insta-jd2}

today we visited the horticulture park. sprouts were not as eager to “run wild & free” as we had expected. so we took things very slow, made a ladybug friend, enjoyed the beauty of nature & tree trunk hammocks before our sprout’s legs gave up on them & we gave up on trying to rent bikes or buggies made only for 3 people families.

today we discovered something totally bizarre: an American style outdoor outlet mall. seriously, could never have imagined this! it was near the horticulture park so we decided to check it out & grab some lunch. sure enough it had a DQ next to the Gap outlet… which we discovered after enjoying our local food. a totally surreal experience. considering the distance & the (higher than Walmart) prices it’s probably our 1st & last visit to “little Europe.”

being silly with daddy @ the gas station… while Liberty is passed out in her seat. I ALWAYS tell people that our sprouts don’t sleep in the car, but today, after a major meltdown, she was able to pass out – in her seat! now… it’s time for Sterling to prove me wrong! 😉

just got a “notice” today that our landlord is backing out of our apt contract & we have a month to move or our rent goes up substantially. with less than 2 months before heading to the states & Jarod’s crazy travel schedule we’re asking for lots of wisdom & grace.

tired (get it?) of the sprouts playing at bedtime then waking too early (hello 4 AM sun!) then being tired & cranky all day… so I pulled out the ultimate punishment: separating them. Sterling cried himself to sleep on our bed. I almost felt sorry for him… sniff, sniff.

Jarod went in the sprout’s room to move Sterling into his bed & look who he found… Liberty curled up on Sterling’s bed! ahhh… sweet girl. one thing’s for sure: they love each other!

reality check 101: outings are not always easy for him. people tend to go gaga over Liberty & then make a huge deal about how he doesn’t look like any of us, etc. (the concept of adoption is not generally on their radar.) he handles it pretty well & though we don’t allow him to be rude to the locals, sometimes we ask him if he wants to answer them or if he wants us to answer for him. in this sense, our goal is to empower & protect.

OH! for the love of ice cream! 1 kuai treat & everyone’s happy! & lest you think i’ve become a softie in the “dessert department” trust me, Jarod makes sure to get his fair share! 😛

I was thinking about writing a book entitled: Things That Go. naturally, I’d put a picture of Sterling on the front! he encompasses the verb perfectly!

pretty sure this was NOT the dollhouse’s intended purpose… but I’m impressed by the craftsmanship! btw: it’s official – she LOVES her tutu!!!

seriously considering getting rid of the van. beginning tomorrow we’ll go van free till we get back from the states. cautious trial run.

the hunt for a new home is officially underway. overwhelmed is a gross understatement. praying for wisdom, comfort, peace & joy in the process

imitation is the highest form of flattery

imitation is the highest form of flattery

A post shared by jdavis2 (@jdavis2) on

A post shared by jdavis2 (@jdavis2) on

A post shared by jdavis2 (@jdavis2) on

today sterling finished 100 Easy Lessons for the 2nd time. truly, “This is the last ending.”

#finished his reading lessons! rewards for his valiant effort: The Magic School Bus & letter stamps! I’m so NOT thrilled with the book but he loves it! excited about our stamping opportunities! LOVE when gifts double as learning tools… 😉

the princess & the pea… look who got moved onto a pile of mattresses & sleeping pads! 4 total to be precise! #OfficiallyInABigGirlBed. & all smiles!!!

“Since you are my rock & my fortress, for the sake of your name lead & guide me.” Psalm 31:3 after re-negotiating with our landlord we’ll be able to rent for another year (read: not have to move out within the month). THANK YOU for the many prayers on our behalf! #GodAnswersPrayer

when we bought this children’s version it was the most recommended story “Bible.” after shelving it for over a year because of my dislike of the use of the author’s “creative license” we are now using it for illustrations as I read the abridged version from the NIV. it takes longer but all is well as the sprouts enjoy the looking at the pictures. BTW: we’ve used & enjoyed The Big Picture version for years.

this makes me so happy. with a pile of books easily accessible Sterling told Liberty to sit in his lap (which surprisingly she did!) & he read stories to her. they love books! #dreamcometrue


2 thoughts on “6.15 – 6.21 week in review {insta-jd2}

  1. The housing thing sounds so crazy! I know the stress and pressure of the “hunt.” Lifting you all up today! Trusting that Father has the place that He has ordained and will bring it to you in His perfect timing! Love you all!

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