6.22 – 6.30 week in review {insta-jd2}

today’s family bike ride consisted of Liberty having her 1st ride on the “big kid seat” & a stop at the bank. she rode on my “big kid seat” also… reminded me of our wonderful ibert days. love having them up front & kissable 😉

on our bike ride we went over a special & very cool bike bridge which allowed us to watch both a high speed train & a local commuter train go beneath us. & here he is – the lover of all things train – eager to have his picture taken, already! 😉

destination 1: Ikea – for lunch. after seeing the crazy crowdedness we opted for a quick exit & the 3 kuai hotdogs. look what we found along the way – napping baby in display bed! kid you not, there were 2 toddlers in 2 other display rooms! destination 2: post office. (yay dpfbc!) leave it to Sterling to find these baby 1st-flight-out-of-their nest sparrows! ❤

care package included many wonderful treats & little hands friendly transformer… fun! the evening consisted of lots of giggles & fun at our complex playground. love their smiles & hearing their laughter!

sharing a ride. tonight they were local & free entertainment for our entire complex. all was great until the great meltdown… which then meant we (as parents) were also on display! how to handle such public scrutiny? the same as at home. except with several "knowing smiles" to our audience as we drug/held/wrangled 1 of our very unhappy blessings home. for all to see. east side reality 101 😉

shepherd's pie: pre-cooked ground beef, a bag (or more) of vegetable medley, 1 can cream of chicken (or mushroom), mix together. top with leftover potatoes of any kind, oven warm 30 minutes. add cheese & continue cooking (melting) another 10-15 minutes. don't burn the cheese! tip: might want to plan ahead… I HATE stovetop cooking so i ONLY make this if I already have beef or potatoes pre-cooked.

Liberty made a boat. she was so proud of herself… so cute! Sterling loves watching videos of himself. love watching him as he watches… & his laugh!

love being their sunday school & life teacher. such a huge responsibility & amazing blessing. daily: desperate for wisdom & hearts that love him.

making great memories: with friends, on our way to dinner.

making great memories: with friends, on our way to dinner.

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today’s homeschooling included stamping words with “igh” in them: light, right, sight, etc. & of course, a silly photo op! 😉 together we’ve figured out how to make this learning thing fun!

just woke from her nap cuddles & chillin’ with her giant elephant behind the couch @ bedtime/while skyping with LaoLao. 😀

on our way to school. “I don’t want my picture taken” & “copy cat” are my 2 most favorite pint sized people! 😉

after our 12+ mile family bike ride yesterday I was expecting leg pain but was instead surprised by lower back pain. Thankfully, my trek across town worked all my kinks out & I was able to borrow a basket full of books! When Sterling saw them it was like CHRISTmas!

sprouts praying before their “meal”. (notice the paper orca being included in the prayer/meal.) 😀

my man loves me! today I had the privilege of washing 33 apples. the fruit seller was astonished to discover they were all for 1 family, for 1 week. thankful for His provision & Jarod’s eagerness to be our provider! 😛

never thought waking before 6 am would be part of my “normal” day! of course, the 4 am greeting of sunshine certainly helps me to see the bright side! thankful for blackout curtains & daily grace!

ready for school: Liberty’s all girly! love this skirt/flower belt combo. Sterling’s sporting the dragon mask we gave him on his 18 month birthday… still love it 3 years later! more importantly, love the littles inside the outfits!

she has a way of making my heart smile. all the time.

she has a way of making my heart smile. all the time.

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honored to be loved by him. daily.

honored to be loved by him. daily.

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a day in the life: caught in the middle of traffic on my way to pick sprouts up from pre-k. breathing exhaust – yuck! & watching out for my toes! the guy on the bridge was 1 of many grinding the old paint off the rails. I was surprised to see some without glasses or face masks… but thankfully the next time I passed by they were all wearing protective gear. I almost missed this shot of a biker loaded down with boxes… even though it’s so normal (to me) it’s still impressive!

daddy’s busyness & 3 days in a row if pre-k have taken their tow, several meltdowns & lots of neediness. thankful for some family time tomorrow!

our sweet boy… loves his mommy… & cars! 😉

our sweet boy… loves his mommy… & cars! 😉

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our sweetheart is becoming quite affectionate, which I absolutely love. of course, Mater & Lightening also receive their (un)fair share of affection.

family time: this morning we spent an hour & half at the bank exchanging $. thankfully, the sprouts enjoyed entertaining & being entertained! so sweet, but maybe not so wise of the loan officer to give up her seat & desk. oddly enough Jarod has been craving beef a lot lately, hence the many hamburger pictures. I opted to eat lunch at home… 😉

seriously people, I have the hardest time getting a good picture of Sterling! at the bank he collected advertisements… he originally thought they were for telling the greatest story – haha! & yes, he does eat.

today Sterling read his 1st Frog & Toad story! it was hard in parts but we got through it, whew! his reward… stuffed versions of Frog & Toad I had actually bought YEARS ago, but who, until today, have been totally ignored. as of today, that has all changed! looking forward to more Frog & Toad stories in our near future! 😀

our sprouts have skills : the squat! when we arrived on the east side we’d find people squatting in the street having conversations! things have progressed in the past 8 years, but the squat still comes in handy. 😉

super hero capes lend themselves to craziness & a few panic attacks (on my part). so… in honor of Jarod receiving his final Father’s Day gift, here they are (capes!), being put to good & supernatural use! Liberty midair. Sterling midair. & of course, Jarod midair!

look at the 3 of them sitting pretty! our sprouts have a way with animals… which always surprise & impresses me. they’re gonna have fun with all the family dogs in the US! 49 days… 😉

“Thing 1” tee given to him when Liberty was born (& it still fits!). he’s such a great big brother! Liberty loves her tutu & a 1st: today she answered “2” in the local language (finally!) when someone asked her old she is… the cutest part was when she held up 3 fingers. 😀

finally got a great picture of Sterling! love his real smile! btw: they’re both wearing running shoes!

today he read his 2nd Frog & Toad Are Friends story! 1st we reviewed my homemade vocabulary list then dived into the story. still in the difficult range but so far he’s willing to do the hard thing. so proud of his tenacity!

Liberty & I had a mini mommy/daughter date… to the grocery store. of course we made it fun. so grateful for these rare but sweet opportunities.

Kiss Kiss! Love Love! 🙂 (:

Kiss Kiss! Love Love! 🙂 (:

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Genesis: Adam got the cool job of naming all the animals… & according to today’s SS lesson also the 1st farmer! hence the barn & animals 😉

LOVE them! rough morning… thankful that meltdowns rarely come in pairs… but the tag team system is also difficult. even so, thankful for this day with them. stretched & blessed.


2 thoughts on “6.22 – 6.30 week in review {insta-jd2}

  1. So, so, SO, so wonderful. I LOVE seeing all the pictures of the sprouts but it makes me sad in a way because of missing out on all their glorious accomplishments,fun and watching them grow physically, intellectually and spiritually. AND the glorious accomplishments of you and Jarod. Y’all are amazing parents and the sprouts show it every day!!

  2. I love seeing pictures of your everyday life! It’s such fun. Your sweet kids are growing, learning, and changing quickly. We are excited with you as you head back to the US for a while!

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