five sentence friday #21

this past week we had to say “see ya later” – once again.
apparently, when it comes to people coming & going in our lives, there’s no end in sight.
some are here for only a few days, some for weeks or months, but all go…
as hard as this reality has been on us, it’s the having to tell the sprouts that the people who’ve loved on them, held them, blessed them, played with them & shared life with them are now gone that chokes me up, makes me want to scream out “it isn’t fair!” & breaks my heart in prayer.
my greatest concern- because i’ve seen in played out up close & personal – is that our sprouts will come to the place in their lives that they determine having to always say “see ya later” isn’t worth it & so will in essence stop pursuing relationships & friendships… because the pain is real.


One thought on “five sentence friday #21

  1. What’s sadder is this will be the only life they know. Sure, y’all are able to come “home” to connect with family, but it’s not home to them. Family, again, is just someone they’ll be saying “see ya later” to and go back to what they will feel as “home”.

    And you’re right, it’s not fair.

    I’m sorry, I know this is not what you want to read, but then, y’all aren’t where I want you to be.
    I love you!

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