7.1 – 7.7 week in review {insta-jd2}

today is proof that having to constantly say “see ya later” never gets easy…

today is proof that having to constantly say "see ya later" never gets easy…

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look who got to go on a date with daddy! his excitement was awesome! (after being given a choice of ‘who’ I could tell Jarod was both surprised & honored). love my boys!!!

after Liberty had a nice long nap we girls had some sweet cuddle time then readied ourselves for a trek through the rain so we too could enjoy a trip across town via the subway (a major source if excitement for both sprouts!) & join up with “the boys” for dinner. her giddiness was adorable!

on their special date Jarod gifted Sterling a hot wheel style double decker bus. even cooler was Sterling’s insistence that he get something cheap enough for Liberty to have a present too. he was so excited to give it to her. love them!

just in case there was ever any doubt… she’s a daddy’s girl through & through. & yes, they’re wearing their capes 😉 we love daddy!!!

in an unusual turn of events this morning Liberty got some “mommy & me” time while Sterling slept in. on school days they eat stuffed pancakes at home before going to school & enjoying 2nd breakfast… Liberty loves the red bean paste filling! I eventually woke Sterling at 7:30 but by then it was too late to get them ready for school… which was actually ok since it was pouring outside. ;)http://instagram.com/p/bQ1k3lrEs_/
building & matching words: with the help of Pinterest & troubleshooting with my mom-in-law (the literacy expert) Sterling & I were able to put the Legos & our brains to work! we also enjoyed some Frog & Toad & several chapters of Charlotte’s Web. Sterling’s favorite part was learning the meaning of “manure.” 😉

look who had their 1st taste of canned fruit! surprise dessert after crockpot chicken (with apple & purple onion) burgers. Liberty blessed me with her approval, but next time I may need to add some of my special seasoning (garlic salt!) to encourage Sterling’s appetite. 😉

during our family bike ride we made an impromptu pitstop at a local art shop. while we browsed the sprouts entertained themselves on the front steps. then on the way home we took a moment to enjoy the local entertainment: music, dancing & people watching.

sprouts… having fun together!

sprouts… having fun together!

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today Sterling read a new Frog & Toad story (with some help), added Nehemiah & Esther to his books of the Bible train & enjoyed a couple of chapters of Charlotte’s Web (via me!). once outside he also enjoyed his bike, the playground & drinkable yogurt. 😉

faces of Liberty: left 2 are proof that saying “cheese” doesn’t make for a natural smile & the right 2 are proof that repeated attempts to get a natural smile result in disdain! ironically, I recognize that face… mini-me! 😉

snippets: another beautiful “do” courtesy of her teachers, fun on bikes, too cheap to pay for the ride self-entertainment, & watching Deep Blue with Daddy. all in a day’s play!

such a big boy. when I take him in the morning he’s eager to go to school without me 😦 & when I pick him up he plays it cool (most days)… but on the way home he acts all sweet hugging me, telling me he loves me & today a mini back rub. 😀 love him!

on this 4th of July & always I love my Liberty Praise (aka. Lil’ Miss Independence)!

it’s good to get out of the house sometimes… today’s adventure allowed me to fill up my basket & child seat with groceries, check out the latest fashion (ankle hose – quite common here for all generations) & appreciate the frugality of others – have never seen or heard of Amercans buying egg yokes (sans egg shell) to save a buck. in the evening we biked across town & enjoyed a “foreigners” picnic. no pics… too busy talking… & sprouts were too busy playing! 😉

a little bit of east side life, things I love: getting our bikes serviced, group of people advertising for work, a man chilling on the corner with his stool, a radio & his bird in a tiny cage.

style taken to new heights! Liberty’s top knot was quite tall & she had bound balls of hair placed all over her head – quite a sight to behold! and one I didn’t care to maintain… which, upon removal of said balls, discovered some serious waves. oh Fuzzy Head how I love thee!

around our home: my sewing mess :-/. books: Sterling read his 4th Frog & Toad story, several Bible stories & I read Charlotte’s Web aloud then the sprouts enjoyed colorful (for Liberty, oatmeal) baths.

look who tackled Daddy! this afternoon Sterling acquired a deep gash (again!) on his forehead. once I declared he needed a band aide a grin quickly spread across his face… & soon enough all was well! of course he was also eager to share a picture of his wound with his LaoLao & NaiNai! 😉

proof that they were tired! tonight I let the sprouts watch a Leap Frog DVD while I cleaned up the kitchen… when I finished this is how I found them! 😀

VIDEO: reading Frog & Toad 😉

Reading Frog & Toad 😉

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their first blizzard at 4.5 & 2.5! the portions (& price) were small but the smiles were huge (& priceless)!

this afternoon I gave Jarod a haircut on the basketball court while the sprouts watched & rode bikes. it was a bit windy but the plastic (table) cloth ended up working out ok. yay for wireless razor!!! & my laid back patron!

with the arrival of dirt piles randomly placed around our complex we gifted the sprouts digging tools. naturally, they were a huge hit!

today I taught the sprouts the story of the prodigal son. coupled with reading Charlotte’s Web, I think the filth of wanting to eat pig scraps resonated well as did the bigger picture of our Dad’s forgiving grace. then we enjoyed lunch with friends. afterwards I hung out with the ladies & Jarod with the the guys during the afternoon. thankful for the sacrificial love of so many!


One thought on “7.1 – 7.7 week in review {insta-jd2}

  1. I love all of the pictures! Thank you, Sterling, for sharing the picture of your bandaid! I hope your head is feeling better!! I am so proud of you for wanting Liberty to get a toy, too! Liberty, I love your hair dos!! and the way you love to play capes with your daddy!! You are both so precious to us and we love you!! Nai Nai and Ye Ye

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