five sentence friday #24

today our home was meltdown central.

during the chaos i was able to keep my calm all while my tiny corner of the world & the children in my care were falling apart.

then something surprising happened: just when they got it together (whatever “it” is) i was surprised to find myself angry – angry that they had ruined what could (& should) have been a lovely day together, angry that I’m always the one who has to keep it all together.

while lying with Liberty on her bed post-nap a thought occurred to me: when you treasure the life you have there’s no time for anger, impatience, personal meltdowns… and i thought, “yes, they are my life.”

suddenly a gentle, but poignant rebuke washed over my heart… no, Jesus is my life… and the fruit of the spirit is: love-joy-peace-patience-kindness-goodness-faithfulness-gentleness & self-control.


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