technical difficulties… & an offer

essentially we’re down to one computer.
after crashing Jarod’s to the floor, he’s received retribution by taking over mine.
& though his has been “completely restored” it’s in the local language, essentially requiring a doctorate on my part.
so when it comes to computer time i’m left with… well… the leftovers. late nights & early mornings.
unfortunately i’ve hit several snags the last couple of weeks.
mostly having to do with technical issues associated with living overseas.

thankfully, email is still working…

so if you’d like to receive our latest knock your socks off, blow your mindlife on the east side with Big Daddy updates i’d love to share them with you.  simply send an email (or leave a comment) & i’ll happily share His stories with you.

** in the meantime, for more {insta-jd2} click the instagram link on the right sidebar


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