five sentence friday #26

we’ve been in the states for nearly a week & though we haven’t yet seen many people on our “must see list” we’ve been able to enjoy sweet, low key times with family & the grace-filled opportunity to ease back into “civilian life”.

the sprouts are loving so much dedicated time with their adoring grandparents & are adjusting to life on the west side remarkably well.

i’ve thoroughly enjoyed my impromptu vacation from technology, though i have a lingering twinge of guilt in the back of my mind & in the depths of my heart for not adequately documenting this wonderful adventure.

jarod has found new ways to remain busy – building a compost box complete with live worms, sorting through all of our stored items (donations drop-off here we come!) & has even been able to skype with east side friends.

but most off all, this week we’ve been intentional to rest… & we’re grateful for His refreshment.



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