five sentence friday #28

we’re thoroughly enjoying our time in the states!

thus far, liberty’s eczema has totally cleared up (praise the Lord), but she’s suffering greatly from mosquito bites (which means 2 weeks post bite she still has raised scabs all over her sweet blooded little body).

sterling’s loving having a backyard that he can easily access and the joys of a dog he can drag & boss around… and whom he now has responsibility for feeding.

jarod’s enjoyed some lazy summer days but as you can expect, he’s managed to keep himself busy – i know, big surprise.

i’m grateful for the randomness of late night walmart runs after the sprouts go to bed, spontaneous dates thanks to our live-in babysitters, the freedom of driving & the wonder of being able to buy & RETURN all kinds of junk goods.


One thought on “five sentence friday #28

  1. My niece suffers terribly from mosquito bites. We have found that Boudreaux butt paste helps them the most out of everything else! You can find it at Walmart…even late at night!

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