five sentence friday #29

it’s so good to be back in a place where i can read road signs (& drive!) and understand when people talk to me… even so, my little family & i are experiencing some classic reverse culture shock symptoms.

we’ve encountered the most surprising reverse culture shock with liberty (since we pretty much didn’t expect any at all!) in the form of food preferences: she’s been wary of the new, meat based options & constantly asking for “chicken stick” & “seaweed.”

sterling’s culture shock (wanting to constantly be held by mommy :D) was short lived but was quickly overcome by the love of his grandparents and his love of dogs.

i’ve definately had my share of culture shock in the forms of: surprised that i can’t find everything i want to buy – even after scouring an entire strip mall worth of stores, almost everything is over $3(!), shocked that we bought a bike twice as much as what we spent in asia & it’s a total piece of junk, & when eating out i’ve been overwhelmed by all the meat & carb products with very little (& often no) veggies and/or fruit!

jarod’s most obvious culture shock has exibited itself in the form of shock (ha!) at all the “stuff” & seemingly outrageous prices from fruit to household goods – yay for coupons & his eagerness to scour through them, clip & use them!


One thought on “five sentence friday #29

  1. yes reverse culture shock! thanks for sharing. it comes in different places and different waves. Hope through it all you having some good family times and making fun memories. love to you all!

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