sterling’s happy 5th birthday!

his special day began with a candle in his waffle… & some serious concern about being safe around fire. love his strong sense of safety!

you’ll notice a birthday theme: fire & water!

in the morning we visited LaoLao & LaoYe’s where a water bladder blob was awaiting us!

a lot of love went into this water mattress like gift. (thanks LaoLao for all your hard work!)unfortunately it rained off & on all morning which meant the water was quite chilly.

even so, the sprouts had a lot of fun retrieving the sea creatures. sterling was especially apt at catching sharks!with the help of a net…
and some assistance from LaoLao & her squeegee…

they caught their quota!& his reward: a shark bite towel!

meanwhile liberty enjoyed sitting on the sidelines playing with NaiNai & enjoying some warmth & cuddle time.

afterwards we enjoyed a special birthday lunch at firehouse subs (which we captured on video) then headed home to give liberty a nap. this allowed sterling time to enjoy several of his new toys…

(he even got a waterproof Bible!) & some Netflix while NaiNai & i went to work in the kitchen. (thanks NaiNai for your patient persistence – with me & the icing!)our sweet 5 year old firefighter!blessing me with a wink! love that he randomly winks at me!our attempt at “firetipped” cupcakes! (store bought icing didn’t exactly work – apparently the ‘consistency’ makes all the difference!)i eventually gave up on the idea & went with the simplicity of white icing with red sprinkles topped with fire themed stickers. F-I-V-E!!!at dinnertime liberty was happy to be rejoining the party!this year we began a new family tradition. instead of making a wish before blowing out the candles, we thanked God for sterling & he prayed for many of our prayers have already been answered…first bites:after dinner we had a mock fire drill which included sterling dressing up in his fireman gear. then the real surprise… a trip to the local fire station!

& a personal tour!

the highlight of the day – literally!& a ride in a fire truck!!!sterling was in total awe!& liberty was totally chill!so many contraptions & tools!talking to each other on the headset:jarod’s excitement was obvious. our visit to the local volunteer run fire station truly was a special gift! (thanks “fireman justin”!)& sure to be the thrill of a lifetime! listening over the headset requires a certain degree of concentration! as you can see, sterling had a lot of cameras pointed on him the entire time! of course, sterling also got to practice “being” a fireman!liberty was eager to join him…definitely the cutest firefighters I know!in spite of the rain & the fact that we had to improvise when things didn’t go according to plan, it was a great & memorable day… & we all enjoyed celebrating sterling’s first birthday on the west side!


3 thoughts on “sterling’s happy 5th birthday!

  1. Oh this makes me so happy to see your smiling faces. What a fun day for Sterling!! We pray he grows in understanding and love for The Lord with each passing year. I can’t believe how much Sterling and Liberty have grown in the last few months. Seriously, they both look several inches taller. Maybe there’s something to that tasty American food. 🙂 Miss you guys!

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