five sentence friday #30

2 months in, it finally happened – missing the east side.

when we first moved to the east side i would randomly think things like, “i need to go to {fill in the blank} today…” only to be rudely awaken to the realities that that place, that thing that i wanted to get or do was 1/2 a world away and it’d be 4 years before i saw or did that again!

eventually those thoughts, urges… & ultimately griefs – can we say “death to self!?!” – became less demanding & stole less of my mental & emotional reserve.

so as one might expect, being back in my home culture has allowed me to flip the switch & once again enjoy things like running a quick errand to walmart & enjoying the convenience of pre-cut, prepackaged, pre-canned, pre-priced goods…

& yet today i was totally surprised when i randomly found myself missing the local wonton place near our east side home.


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