treat & treasure 2013

this “TREAT” tee goes all the way back to 2009, when we first met Sterling… which reemerged again in 2010 with a fun what-a-difference-a-year-makes photoshoot. after a day of being “the treats” in 2011, sterling & liberty became “treat & treasure” last year. & now it’s our official theme. this just may be the last year he’s able to pull off this year-to-year trick! 😉so this year he got a new “TREAT” tee. courtesy of a bright green/yellow clearance shirt & stickers from hobby lobby…liberty’s “treasure” tee came off the same clearance rack, but being that it was way too big i did what i always do to give oversized shirts a girly twist – gave it a quick pillowcase stitch across the top & added ribbon. viola! with the addition of stickers, the theme was complete! then all we needed was a few accessories…treasure & treat: together!gotta love it when birthday gifts also double as dress up for the “party at the church building”!


One thought on “treat & treasure 2013

  1. Cute!!! I’ve been wanting to make one of those pillow case dresses for Vivi but haven’t gotten around to making one yet. Love the treat and treasure idea… He is definitely a treat and she is definitely a treasure. Two beautiful blessing!

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