introduction to early reading {homeschool diaries}

this post is the 1st in a series that chronicles my experience into the world of being sterling’s 1st (& mind you, apprehensive & fearful) teacher. my hope is that this series will be both helpful & encouraging.homeschool diaries 1x1apart from praying that our children would love to read – as the gift of reading lends itself directly to knowing God through his word – i’ve done very little in preparing our sprouts for actually reading.

however, my mother-in-love, who is herself a reading specialist, was of great assistance to me (& the sprouts).

first of all, she lovingly gifted (& mailed at intermittent times) DVD’s that foster a love for learning. the DVD that’s made the biggest impact on our family has been Leapfrog’s Letter Factory. in teaching letter recognition & the sounds attached to each letter the sprouts were quickly able to recognize that letters make sounds and sounds together make words. we’ve acquired a couple of other Leapfrog DVD’s but this particular one has set the sprouts on a natural trajectory toward sounding out words… or at least in liberty’s case, letter sounds.

as sterling’s interest in reading grew nainai then began sending Word World DVD’s (apparently also available on PBS) – a fun introduction into the world of words & some of the various sound combinations.

in all honesty, it was these two tools that first piqued sterling’s interest… & that continue to capture both his & liberty’s!

so with that said, i give Leapfrog Letter Factory first rate kudos!

p.s. they also work nicely when your kiddos need a little screen time as you finish up dinner 😉


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