celebrations & a painful pause. please pray…

this past week has been filled with wonderful celebration!

liberty’s 3rd birthday.  jarod taught at our home church.  softened hearts & miracles.  my mom’s 60th birthday.  watching her skydive.  jarod’s mom’s birthday.  sweet, sweet times with the sprouts.

so much to be thankful for.  so much to celebrate.

and yet this week we’ve also experienced heart wrenching pain.  the downward pull of disappointment, confusion, betrayal.  deceit.

translating every pause, every quiet moment into overwhelming, life sucking, soul punching grief.

please pray – that we would be encouraged by His faithfulness & that Dad would glorified as He works out all of these things – especially the hard things – for His good.

He reigns & we are depending on His ongoing intervention.
meanwhile, in faith, we celebrate!


4 thoughts on “celebrations & a painful pause. please pray…

  1. Love hearing your attitude in the midst of the pain, but hate that you guys are dealing with ugly stuff. Will be pressing into Father on your behalf. ~Karissa

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  2. Jennifer, Lifting you up. Asking for wisdom, strength, and grace as you walk through challenging and difficult days. I know Father is aware of all that you are walking through. Thinking of you now, even though we are so far away. Love you sister. Love,Sarah

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