preparation & readiness {homeschool diaries}

this post is part of a series that chronicles my experience into the world of being sterling’s 1st (& mind you, apprehensive & fearful) teacher. my hope is that this series will be both helpful & encouraging.

thus far in the series we’ve touched on how i began homeschooling (hint: i never wanted to!), tools & resources that helped me through the scary introduction of being a homeschooling mommy/teacher & how flexibility saved my sanity… & ultimately caused me to love this new job.

i also shared how sterling was ready, though i was falsely positive that i wasn’t. (see what i just did… i even confused myself! )

with all that said, being a homeschooling mommy/teacher is that: a job.

it requires serious intentionality. it’s work.

but, unlike so many other endeavors in my life (ie. language learning – insert grunt, but not grumbling here!), it provides near instant, regular gratification… which can be oh so rewarding!

please here me. homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. it’s not just a hobby or part time gig. though it may feel that way with shorter school days. here’s the crux of the homeschooling dilemma: along with the joy & flexibility of homeschooling your own children with their unique personalities & interests, it requires great discipline on your part. on my part.

& quite frankly, that’s scary for someone like me. a recovering perfectionist who never got it perfect. ironic… yes, that’s me.

one of the considerations of someone planning or expecting to homeschool should include prayerfully evaluating the educational expectations associated with being your child’s formal teacher.

preparation & readiness – aka essential skills & knowledge – is the plan, the checks & balances that help us to know what to expect, allows us to be consistent & provides feedback as to where we and/or our sweet pupil(s) need to go, need help or intervention. in short, they provide the goals behind the tasks.

being a native texan it’s natural for me to direct you to the texas education agency’s essential skills & knowledge website. if you ignore all the busyness of the page & simply scroll down near the bottom of the page you’ll see: texas essential knowledge and skills by grade level (elementary)

an adobe document. perfect for printing & reading.

be forewarned: it’s wordy. it’s lengthy. it’s most probably overwhelming.

but it’s also helpful. a useful resource. a guide.

remember i mentioned being easily overwhelmed? oh, yeah, if you didn’t read that between the lines, that’s also me. overwhelmed.

& oh yeah, i’m also distracted.

i have good news for this endeavor: grace.

we are not to compare our children, ourselves, our situation to others.

instead we are to: do everything with sincerity of heart & in reverence for the Lord. (Col. 3:22)

i promise, if we serve our master with a heart of thankfulness & joy, even intentionality can be liberating.

but that’s starting to sound too much like another blog post… & well, you’ve already done well to stick with me this long!


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