five sentence friday #33

sorry about falling off the technological grid the last couple of weeks.


you see, i have the typical, “this is a crazy, busy season” excuses lined up (which are not just excuses, as the majority of them are true!) but i also have another problem, a BIG ONE.

apparently my computer’s memory is maxed out… on videos & pictures – of the sprouts… & until i erase something (YIKES!) i can’t even toggle between websites before my computer goes cupit, decidely against using up any more reserves for something so mundane… & apparently, taxing.

currently my IT guy (jarod) is offering to cut out my heart remove all unneccesary videos & images… so i turn to you & ask with all desperation, anyone offering other free IT advice and/or services this crazy, busy season!?!


3 thoughts on “five sentence friday #33

  1. Josh suggested buying a 128GB flash drive or an external hard drive, so the information is still save. Hope you can find a solution! I don’t have a clue!! 🙂

  2. I got an external hard drive when my computer got too full. Able to pull up pics and videos when I want to, but they don’t take up space on my computer anymore.

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