liberty’s happy 3rd birthday!

her special day began as it should… her own personal fan club, a smile, a blueberry waffle & a present waiting for her attention…

oh yes, and a candle (thanks Sterling for the reminder!) & a little help blowing it out…

followed up with a wonderful bowl of cereal: cheerios + raisin bran & a wholesome bowl of whole not shelf milk!after a full tummy – which always helps in the happy heart area – she had a little bit of help opening her first present.Sterling, who recently learned the art of UNwrapping was eager to assist.she was thrilled with her newEST version of Lightning McQueen. and Sterling was thrilled with his my-sister-loves-me-gift… Sally! she also had her choice of vroom vroom… thanks to NaiNai & YeYe. naturally, she chose the red sports car. once again, Sterling made out like a bandit on her birthday. Lightning, as can be expected in Liberty’s world, took the cake! and the bowl of cheeries!Sterling wasn’t exactly complaining about his ride. 😉for the longest time she’d lean forward & pump the “go” button, causing a jerking motion.of course, Sterling had no problem figuring out that you push the button & hold it down to get it going. in fact, he ran the battery out that first day.

on this day, foot motion was much faster than riding! good form!once again taking Sterling’s cue, she decided to “work” on her car.adjusting these non-adjustable wheels is apparently serious business!our beautiful, happy 3 year old!oh yeah, she’s pretty silly too!for her birthday we also gifted her books: Press Here & Plant a Kiss. she loves the Press Here book & after adjusting Plant a Kiss a little & adding 2 Corinthians 9:10, i’ve come to really love our “we love you & are so happy that you’re in our family” book. meanwhile, sterling loves being read to. on this day, Planes was his book of choice.of course, as Lightning crazy as Liberty is, she also had the honor of watching Cars.

i remember feeling this way when she was just a couple of months old: enamored by her beauty.

for her birthday i cooked up supplied her with her favorite foods: cranberry chicken, sweet peas & sweet potato. i also offered avocado, but to my surprise she declined.Sterling prefers black beans, instead of sweet peas… but he did add some yummy green to his meal with avocado.

Liberty ended her birthday meal with a pumpkin cupcake, lovingly frosted & sprinkled… with a 3 on top! with all the cameras in her face she did a great job all day long of posing for “just one more…” 😀finally, time to dig in!all done! & ready to go on our birthday adventure!we headed to a nearby indoor bouncy jump place. unfortunately it had closed down that very week, obviously unbeknownest to us! i was frustrated! Jarod & his parents kept throwing out various ideas, but quite honestly none of them appealed to me. i HATE (there should be a stronger word for this particular feeling) kiddy gaming places! eventually i just had to succomb to their dier efforts to save Liberty’s birthday “party.” with great diappointment & desperation & with no other options, we found ourselves at Peter Piper’s Pizza – complete with obnoxiously loud games, tons of people & a couple of pay-tokens-to-ride, rides. (btw: 2 tokens = 50 cents!)the best part: she was so thrilled to merely sit in the rides i didn’t have to pay the 50 cents a minute they cost!we did eventually end up sharing the cost with a couple of other littler ones so Liberty could enjoy riding on a carousel.glad we did. look at that smile!meanwhile, Jarod & Sterling were off having boy adventures & accumulating tickets. apparently one of the machines had been jammed for a long time so Sterling was able to acquire quite a few. after the trade the sprouts both walked away with several 5 cent toys. eventually Lao Lao met up with us & joined us back at the house before bringing Liberty’s big day to a close.our baby girl, all smiles & squeeky clean.before i could put her or the camera to bed for the day i thought to ask her to show me how old she is.3!that’s right! & a round of applause!and a hug!!!

other gifts acquired but not mentioned: pink butterfly wings (see treat & treasure 2013) & the clothes she’s wearing.


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