blessed to be a blessing : narrator style

for 6-12 months prior to our arrival on the west side i was praying: “Lord, please help me to be a blessing to our home church.”
it was a simple prayer… but it was the desire of my heart.
one day in october we were asked to be in our church’s CHRISTmas performance.
immediately i scoffed at dismissed the idea.
you see, if there is anything 9 years on the east side has confirmed for me, it is this: i am not good at memorizing!
jarod, on the other hand, thought it would be so much fun & signed us up.
yep, us!

every time i’d try to learn my lines i’d get discouraged, overwhelmed, feel defeated. i wanted to be mad at him.
but then something amazing happened. during one of my overwhelming “why did he do this to me? i can’t do this!” moments i had an epiphany…
this. this struggle. this willingness. this humility. this giving. this is how our church perceives we can be a blessing. this… this play… is it!
at that moment i had to silently giggle at the profound, yet simple lesson Dad’s been working so diligently to instill in me all these years – i am God dependent.
and this is just another painful, but oh so sweet reminder!
so after my epiphany, giggle & humble reminder i stopped complaining, i stopped fretting (so much) & i relished the idea that even though i don’t view myself as a gifted speaker or quite understand how serving our church in this way is a blessing to them…
they think otherwise!
& you know what?
it was a blessing to me as well!
truly a worshipful experience, from practice to final “Merry CHRISTmas!”

today & always: blessed to be a blessing!


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