preparing our hearts for CHRISTmas 2013

this year’s CHRISTmas preparation & celebration is unique on a multitude of levels.

for one, we’re in the states! which lends itself to creative felt needs opportunities… & sharing Christ.

so, in addition to participating in our annual CHRISTmas tradition of the power of 3 we’ve also made a point of incorporating a ministry project into our advent journey.

for the 4 weeks leading up to CHRISTmas we’ve set aside 4 specific ministry opportunities that the sprouts could be a part of.

week 1: angel tree! “Angel Tree aims to reach 425,000 children of prisoners who yearn for their absent parents’ love…” allowing us to be part of giving needed & wanted items to the children who’s parents are in prison. the sprouts were able to help pick out toys, clothes & a children’s Bible for a 5 year old. the goals was to meet a child’s “needs” as well as teach the sprouts that it is more blessed to give than to receive. one of the highlights of participating was sterling’s enthusiasm as he dictated then rewrote a letter to our “angel tree” child & praying together for him.


week 2: celebrate new life!  i kinda confused the sprouts theologically when i asked them what they wish they could have given baby Jesus when he was born.  after they helped compile a list we went to the store & bought those items.  naturally, liberty thought we were going to give them to her baby Jesus.  she kept asking, “is this for my baby Jesus?”  i’m not sure how clear my explanation of “it’s for other babies” was but it was fun loading up the basket & sterling & jarod had the blessing of donating all the well received goodies.

week 3: feed the hungry!  our home group is very benevolent!  on a regular basis we receive email updates sharing pryer requests & other needs.  one of the ways we’re able to participate in how our church ministers to others is by meeting some of the felt needs in our local area.  using their updated list we were able to purchase items for several families & sterling had the joy of dropping them off on Sunday morning.

week 4: give money!  super excited about this one.  we’re giving the sprouts cash & information on 3 different ministries.  we’ll pray together  & then allow them to divy up the money as they see fit.  in turn, we’ll put the cash into the envelopes of their choosing (ultimately depositing it back into the bank) & send a check of their specified amount to each of the ministries.  our goal is to teach them that money has a purpose & to introduce the concept of “blessed to be a blessing.”

i tend to shy away from sharing “things that we’re doing” for fear that it somehow is misunderstood as bragging.  however, i’m going out on a limb because i feel like this should be a safe place to share ideas & celebrate how God is moving in our hearts & our families.

would love to hear how God has led you this season!


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