learning styles {homeschool diaries}

this post is part of a series that chronicles my experience into the world of being sterling’s 1st (& mind you, apprehensive & fearful) teacher. my hope is that this series will be both helpful & encouraging.


while talking with several different homeschooling moms i’ve been surprised by the wide degree of criteria they use – particularly when choosing curriculum.

some have told me that they chose a specific curriculum based off their child’s interests, others (of the nomadic type) have decided that flexibility & transportability are key, while others admitted that their particular curriculum choice was primarily driven by financial resources available.

whatever your purposes are for homeschooling there is one major benefit of homeschooling that i would propose needs to be considered.

your child’s learning style.

because there are people who have researched & understand better how children learn i wanted to share with you some helpful resources with you.

what is your child’s learning style?
understanding how your child learns can reduce frustration and improve achievement –
outlines the main learning styles & provides tips for each one.

know your students:
identify their personal learning styles –
specifically geared towards homeschoolers this is a simple, easy to read outline.

learning style inventory: 
a quiz to help you evaluate how the learner prefers to process informationa – a short & simple quiz that’s probably best to use on yourself or a little bit older students.

what’s your learning style? 
20 question quiz to help you identify your learning style so you can understand information and solve problems – this quiz recognizes that people often function with a combination of learning styles.

based on some things i know about sterling & things i’ve learned about him (asking him to hold anything during instruction time is cause for distraction) i’ve chosen to adjust a few of the ways i present/review information with him.

for instance, sterling is highly self-motivated, but he also gets bored easily. so i made simple flashcards to review difficult words & then after he’s mastered sounding it out (sounding out is not something he thinks is fun) or if he can say it straight from memory (because that’s how most of us –should- read) i put a check mark on it. after three check marks that card is retired, & makes an official exit out of the review pile. sometimes i allow him to hold these cards… unless that becomes a distraction from learning, which means that most times i alone handle the cards.

knowing this “character trait” of his helps me to not only eliminate distractions, but caters to my desire to motivate him. in fact, how i handle flashcards is directly linked to his learning style.

you see, learning – for him & for me – is an ongoing process. and experimentation is often key to discovering more about your pupil. just as your child is responsible for learning the content, we, as home educators, are responsible to learn about our student(s).

be encouraged! this is rarely a completely natural process. after all, all people of the human race tend to think others think – or at least should – be just like us! the process requires us to do some things outside our own personal norms. and it often takes trial & error.

i encourage you to “play around” with various learning styles.

& i propose having fun while doing so!

happy learning {styles}!


One thought on “learning styles {homeschool diaries}

  1. I agree learning styles is so important. What I find challenging is when you are teaching two that are very close in age, but have different learning styles. Here’s where I have to take it a day at a time and rely on Father to give me wisdom on how to help both to learn what we are studying. Still growing in this area. Still learning to rely and trust.

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