five sentence friday #37

this past tuesday night i had the God-dependent honor of sharing with a group of ladies some of the lessons i’ve learned while living on the east side the past 9 years.

many of these lessons were hard, heart-wrenching, God-sized challenging.

all of them were life transforming, perspective altering, demanding i encounter and acknowledge yet another awesome bigger-than-myself characteristic of God.

as i looked around the room i quickly realized most, if not all, have lived and are surviving through the hard, heart-wrenching, God-sized challenges.

and quickly my perspective changed because you see, though i felt all alone in my 20 something struggles, pain, feelings of isolation, God-sized questions, looking in each of their faces i was reminded that i never was alone… and i had an overwhelming sense of awe to be amongst them as many of these women have fought hard the battle against cancer, lost loved ones, are desperately beseeching our Lord on behalf of the addicted, the lost, the dying… and. yet. still. faithfully praying for me.


One thought on “five sentence friday #37

  1. So thankful to be reminded we are not alone. It’s a journey that Father has us on, making us more like Himself. It was so great to talk last night! Blessings!

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