choosing curriculum {homeschool diaries}

this post is part of a series that chronicles my experience into the world of being sterling’s 1st (& mind you, apprehensive & fearful) teacher. my hope is that this series will be both helpful & encouraging.


in the previous post i briefly mentioned three (of the many!) different reasons i’ve heard people chose a particular curriculum, but the post was focused mainly on learning your child’s learning style… which ultimately can help you choose curricula that best accommodates your particular student.

with that said, i admit to you that i’m very new at this part of the process. up till now much of my curriculum was via the internet & limited. some of it great, but not conducive to my life. for instance, i don’t have a color printer overseas so anything requiring this function was automatically discarded.

so, expecting your won’t be depending completely on the internet to educate your student(s) i want to share with you the greatest resource that has been recommended to me:

Cathy Duffy Reviews – much of her information is available online…

but if you prefer to have a book on hand 😉 here’s the book form: 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

& oh, BONUS! here’s her book COMPLETE with learning style information! 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum: Choosing the Right Curriculum & Approach for Your Child’s Learning Style

love it when things come full circle!!!

even with these useful & valuable resources, please don’t discredit what’s typically your closest resource: other homeschooling moms!

ask questions. network. pick their brain. WATCH THEM! but don’t expect them to give you all the right answers for you or your student. because if you ask enough people, you’re going to receive mixed reviews, often contradictory. even so, if you’re planning to do “homeschool in community” these ladies will often be a source of great insight… & hopefully encouragement!


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