baby sprout: 1st view & fast facts


on january 20 i had my 1st official pre-natal check-up.  and it was then that many of my concerns were relieved.  baby sprout is growing & the heartbeat was strong!

it was also the first time i’d heard & been labeled “AMA – advanced maternal age”.  oh my!  i’m still trying to figure out what i should do with my newly acquired credentials… maybe i’ll print up some business cards:  “Jennifer Davis, AMA”.  letters after a name always make a person look more professional & everyone knows i could use the assistance!

anyhoo, following our “it’s really real” appointment i told jarod we could go ‘public.’  afterall, i’d already spilled the beans a few times fearing my stomach would give me away & render me speechless!

without further ado here’s some baby sprout fast facts!

how far along:  10 weeks
due date:  august 25.  Sterling will be a month shy of 6 & Liberty three months shy of 4!
morning sickness:  yes!  yuck!  and extreme exhaustion.  poor sprouts… they’ve been forced to watch too much tv & even homeschool has been neglected – ahhh!
gender:  don’t yet know.  and don’t have a preference.  God has proven he has our best in mind too many times for me to try to determine it for myself!
east side plans:  we’re still scheduled to return to urbanus in less than a month – february 17.  hoping the nesting instinct kicks into full gear and the exhaustion & nausea abate between now & then!
where are you planning to give birth?  we were planning to deliver in thailand (where liberty was born) as we feel very comfortable with the hospital & american-trained doctors there.  however, we received an email recommending yet another country, one we’ve never been too, requiring us to make many adjustments as the hospital/doctor/housing/transportation situation is still unknown to us.

please pray we would walk in faith, humility, submission & wisdom as we embark on yet another adventure.


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