a little housekeeping as we move “house”

items in bold denotes prayer requests

you may have noticed.  january was met with blog post faithfulness.  february, not so much.  it’s not a failed new year’s resolution.  it’s the reality of our life of constant transition.

& crashed computers.

& truly, exhaustion.

i even faltered on instagram.  for a time.  but along with this new wave a transition, lots of images & memories to share.

we’re headed out.  very soon.

sunday night, monday morning.  we have a 12:05 AM flight.

15 hours straight.  3 hour layover.  then another 1.5 hour flight.

then “home-home”.

temperatures are in the 30’s.  it’s a warm winter.  but it’ll last till may.


jarod’s been preparing the sprouts with his pre-jetlag program.

comprised mostly of nights stretched further out, daily.  movies.  & one overly exhausted mommy.

my pre-flight program is mostly driven by my ever growing belly.  huge as it is i can’t help but indulge baby sprout with all my obnoxious – out to eat – cravings.  the two of us – we live in the land of the hungry.  & it’s showing.

jarod’s loving to oblige. especially since i still can’t stomach the “idea” of the kitchen, raw food, or any of my old favorites.  sorry avocado, sweet potatoes, black beans & apples.  you’ve been replaced with chips & salsa, fast food, & chocolate covered donuts.

it’s a crime to my body.  but one i indulge none-the-less.

helps that i (& our bank account!) know there’s a limit to this crazy feast.  it ends tomorrow.  at midnight.


thankfully, the computers are on the mend.  after taking mine in for “repairs” the memory & all programs were completely wiped clean.  jarod utilized the moment to hold years of video & images hostage.  refusing to overload my memory again.  sadly, my inability to “remember” in the traditional way – with my brain – has put great strain on our limited tech memory & he’s wise to pull the plug.  my appetite for storing memories in an accessible format is insatiable.  confession: i never want to erase an image.  so when my computer couldn’t put a limit on my demand, he chose to.  for now, most memories are on our external hard drives.  yes, with an “s”.

jarod’s new computer crashed.  but thankfully what the local tech people & the overseas support center couldn’t figure out, Dad gave him the insight needed for the fix.  his computer is now working properly.  thank Dad!


there’s lots of things about our migratory life that’s hard.

for one, life dependent on others is hard.  we as americans pride ourselves on our independence.  do we not?  living in & by the grace of others is humbling.  jarod’s parents certainly exhibited healthy doses of grace during our 6 month stay & we’re overwhelmed by their generosity.

it’s hard to have roots that keep being snipped short.  our sprouts have sunk down sweet roots in their love for family.  they’ve loved & been loved well.  by so many.  their grandparents have been masters of the deep love.  and our home group has lovingly invested in them.  constantly complimenting them & blessing us.  it’s hard to know that uprooting them here may mean they won’t receive this kind of nourishment there.

but there is a consolation.

baby sprout is due in 6 months.

& we have the kind of amazing, sacrificial family who’s eager to join us for the celebration.

tickets have already been purchased!

just 6 months till sweet reunion.  just 6 months till these roots – these american roots – will be tended.

good thing too.  ’cause people always ask me, “so, you like it over there, huh?”

is that not a loaded question!?!

uh no.  i don’t like being away from family.  i don’t like doing everything the hard way.  i don’t like struggling to find or make a friend.  & the language & I… we’re not exactly on speaking terms.  we just “get along.”  i can easily tell you all the things i don’t like.

but i do love the people.  it’s a special God-love.  not something i could have ever conjured up on my own.  my love would never plant me – for years – half way around the world.  i love him & i love the joy of obeying him… & the blessing of living for & with him.

in so many ways i can honestly say i don’t like my life of constant transition & difficulty.  but i love my life.

i love my life of dependence – on him.

& i love doing it with my family – with my husband & our sprouts.

hard as it is.

i love being a living example to the sprouts that the hard things are the worth-it things.

& i love seeing & experiencing how Dad faithfully provides & sustains.


as we exit & reenter please remember us.

for liberty this is going to be huge.  she’s developed her communication skills here.  but she’ll need to understand & communicate there.

sterling, on the other hand, is ready to be “home-home.”  however, i’m pretty sure that he doesn’t yet completely understand that the people he loves here won’t be there.

in addition, with so much time with grandparents, so many friends & fun activities offered on the west side, life on the east side might feel a bit bland.  we need wisdom for how/when/where to plug them in.  we need to begin the tedious process of planting new roots.

with baby sprout due in august, we’ll begin officially homeschooling in march.

and i’ll begin language learning – again – simultaneously.

as an already exhausted mommy, these upcoming endeavors – as exciting as they are – can easily begin to feel overwhelming.


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