five sentence friday #41

february is a special month and this february is especially special.

february, 1995 – not quite sure of the exact date – i became a christian.

and this february marks the remarkable gift of living ½ of my life in the knowledge of Christ, his great love for me & his amazing, unfathomable ability to forgive – completely.

in the last 18 years i’ve also grown in love with his life-giving, life-changing word, come to appreciate the diversity of his church & my need for the people in it, realized his great love for the world & have grown in my ability to accept his sovereign will for my life as good.

it’s been a wild, unpredictable, often overwhelming and blessed journey – from unknowing teenager to a position of great responsibility – as now I find myself living out my faith with my most precious, super observant sprouts, for which i’m grateful to be sharing daily this continuation of my faith journey with!5 sentence friday


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