homeschool: it’s official!

because baby sprout is due in august when sterling is supposed to begin homeschooling… & because he’s ready, as his teacher i went ahead & made the executive decision that he officially begin homeschooling in march.

our current schedule includes sterling going to a local pre-k three ½ days a week, which is quite challenging for him after being gone the past 6 months and being bumped up a class so he can stay with his friends.

essentially this meant that what would in normal circumstances take him about two hours, took him three. even so, he was such a trooper!

i am still so proud of him!seriously, when i look at him in this picture i can’t help but visualize him holding a diploma and wearing a graduation cap… & cords, of course!

thinking it’d be a fun way to document the beginning of his “educational career” i let him fill in the blank. and let’s just say, i didn’t see this one coming! looking forward to watching him grow & seeing where & how Dad leads!

i’m thankful i was in the frame of mind to remember to document this milestone. even took a short video, which is sure to serve us large doses of humor in the future!


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