five sentence Friday #42

yesterday sterling & i were doing a homeschool activity in which he dictated & i wrote his story about what we like to do as a family.
first we made a list of things we like to do together.
the first thing out of his mouth was “watch movies!” which was then followed by a few other fun things we like to do together but i kept prompting him thinking he’d agree with my nonchalant probing that “ride bikes” & “read together” should be on the list.
but instead he surprised me with “homeschool!” 

oh my… melt my mama laoshi (teacher mommy) heart!!!


One thought on “five sentence Friday #42

  1. I loved my homeschool days and have lots of fond memories of that time with my mom. Love that you guys are building your own sweet memories and that he loves it so much already. 🙂

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