baby sprout update: 2nd trimester musings & G-day

18 weeks in & i look & feel a lot more like 35 weeks.


how did that happen?

i like to think that the baby is big, but a more likely culprit is the quantity of food i’ve been ingesting.

thankfully i’ve heard many encouraging remarks like, “it’s okay, you’re eating for two.” (maybe they also think the baby is a full sized human being requiring adult portions!)

but there are a couple who have questioned just how many baby sprouts there are.

just for the record: we’ve only seen one on the initial ultrasound. so no reason to think otherwise.

apart from the size of my ever-growing belly.

along with increased belly size i’ve also gained the unnatural ability to produce heartburn after nearly every meal.

with the extra weight and compressed diaphragm i’m also much slower these days.

my typical speed walking pace has become a casual stroll and my newly acquired need to “take it easy” (read: do life the lazy way) has been made possible with the ingenious idea of a back pillow, making lounging bearable.

needless to say, i’m not the fun, floor-time play mommy i used to be.

but i am a happy, still totally surprised & excited mommy-to-be… again!


and now for the big questions.

do we want to know the gender? if so, when will we find out?


& uhhhhh…

we’ve been doing a little leg work looking for a place/doctor that’ll not only do an ultrasound for us (which in reality isn’t that difficult) but will also tell us the gender (which is quite a bit more difficult here).

thankfully we have found a place & called to schedule our gender discovery day. now affectionately referred to as G-day!

oh how i want to know!!!

even though we don’t have a gender preference or any ideas what-so-ever if baby sprout is a boy or girl, knowing the gender will help us start narrowing down our name options.

at last count i think i’ve scribbled 35 girl names.

it’d be nice to know if this is even a name tree worth barking up.

oh yes, i digress.

we found a place that said they’d accommodate our “need” but they’re not available before my 20 week check-up so they’d like me to wait until 22 weeks so they can do a “more accurate” 4D ultrasound.

initial reaction: “wait even longer!?! but, uh, sure.”

now that we’ve scheduled G-day the question remains: what in the world is a 4D ultrasound?

so in brief.

the “traditional ultrasound,” aka. 2D (which i’m a fan of, by the way) is the black & white version usually associated with baby’s first picture.

“3D scans are still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans are moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.” info courtesy of baby centre

and the difference a couple of D’s make…

hoping our designated G-day, april 24th, really does reveal baby sprout’s gender!



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