absent in april…

it’s like a bad april fool’s joke.
destined – if i don’t watch it – to last the entire month.
since returning to the east side i suddenly found myself busier than (it feels) i’ve ever been.
my busyness isn’t so much defined by super hero skills or tasks, but by the daily joy of living, finding & making my way in this new season… requiring i pack a lot into my “work day”. as well as a lot of humility.

truth be told, the little survey i took asking you your communication preferences lent itself to this sabbatical. strangely & beautifully.
in essence it let me off the hook.
with a full schedule from wake time to bed time i was struggling with how to make the blog a priority.
with language lessons while the sprouts are at pre-k, homeschool, jarod’s weekly travel schedule, various communication commitments, life here in general & (get ready to gasp!) domestic duties, i was fighting “blog neglect guilt”… usually during times i was already preoccupied or too tired to think.

so, our little blog – circa 2005 – has been relegated to the back burner. or better yet, the boiler, rarely used & forgotten.


the good news is: for the first time – maybe in our entire marriage – we have margin! we’re enjoying a weekly Sabbath/family day. this means we’re intentionally going tech free for an entire day. and the results – priceless.
we’re laughing more – together.
every day is not an emergency.
our schedule is no longer defined by chaos.
the sprouts are seeing less of my “box” (ie. large screen taking up my lap & attention) & more of my face.
we’re usually in bed by 10… and getting enough sleep to feel rested.

in fact, though I have less time & freedom to do photography (seriously lacking & also a cause for less blogging) & writing, as a family we’re able to be just as intentional as we embrace our life here.

& because it’s worthy of mention, this little blog sabbatical is especially serving me well as i consider what life with the addition of baby sprout will look like.

so, with that said, i’m positive baby sprout will get some well-deserved screen time…
but for now, “the girl” at jdavis2.wordpress is enjoying a lighter load…
& the moments of this season.

thank you for visiting, faithful ones.


3 thoughts on “absent in april…

  1. I’m so glad to hear you guys are doing well! We love to hear from you whenever you have time. I think there’s much benefit in blog-breaks…I’m working on 10 months or so myself without blogging…oops! Love to all of you and we can’t wait to hear if Sprout #3 is boy or girl!

  2. Love all your reasons. Life has seasons and right now is an especially busy one as you balance it all and prepare to add a little one to the mix. Thankful for this blog in the past and look forward to keeping up with you through other means. 🙂 Blessings sister.

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