Cassie’s view : life on the east side

so much life happens in such a short amount of time that if i don’t record it immediately an almanac worth of memories is swept away by the current flood of memories being made.

here’s my attempt at salvaging & sharing some of those in-the-blink-of-an-eye memories.

the sprouts were bridal escorts in a friend’s wedding which meant that they got to carry the train of the dress & ride in a limo! it also meant that they were at times the star of the show. but most disturbing for them was that it meant they got caught in a rainstorm of confetti. so being the tidy sprouts they are & taking their duties very seriously they tried to remove every piece of confetti from the bride’s dress, a tedious job for sure!

while jarod’s sister cassie was visiting (late april, early may) she had the privilege of seeing our {normal} life & we got to see our {normal} world through her eyes. here’s a glimpse of our familiar (accentuated by her artistic bent):
she also blessed us with some sweet maternity shots. baby sprout at 6 months gestation.

and some candid moments, like our walk to dinner. what the camera didn’t capture was that during dinner i insisted Sterling remove his helmet to eat which immediately resulted in him falling off his stool and hitting his head… & Liberty vomiting all over me. special memories for sure! (sometime we’ll also have to share Sterling’s “view” of our world!)

over a month later the sprouts are still talking about & missing “Aunt Cassie”.


7 thoughts on “Cassie’s view : life on the east side

  1. Love the wedding pictures! Sterling and Liberty did a great job of carrying the train of her dress! I’m so glad they love their Aunt Cassie! Family memories that will last a lifetime!

  2. Loved the pictures……so glad Cassie could visit you. Glad you are doing well at your six months “check up”.
    Ann & Ernest

  3. I loved spending time with them and seeing where y’all live! Thanks for letting me come and making time for me! Can’t wait to meet Shepherd!

  4. I love the wedding pictures! So cool! I’m happy y’all got to spend some time with Cassie. I’m sure it was cool for her to see how life is for you guys on the East side.

  5. So glad Cassie got to go when she did, for her sake and for y’all’s! Thanks for watching her for me while I worked on the house here! 😉

  6. It’s fair to say that I am been very absentee as of late, and by as of late I mean… two years. Regardless, I am somehow JUST FINDING OUT that you are expecting baby sprout #3. Seems we have that in common as we are expecting our next sweet pea in December, just one this time. Your family continues to be as beautiful as ever, and you are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs,

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