Shepherd’s 1st birthday prayer…

daily we’re amazed at how abundantly blessed we are by our THREE sprouts!  from aching hearts and empty arms to enlarged love and not enough hands… God’s grace and generosity are evident in every area of our lives!

there’s probably no one more surprised than us that we have a (soon-to-be) one year old!

on tuesday, august 18th shepherd will turn 1.  as with the older two sprouts we have chosen a life verse/prayer for him.  we joyfully invite you to celebrate his life with us as we together give him the gift that truly keeps on giving via our birthday prayer tradition.

will you please join us in prying proverbs 3:3-7 (see below) for shepherd?  our prayer is that these verses would be the meditation of his heart & the testimony of his life.

shepherd 1st birthday prayer


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