baby sprout’s name…

recently i was looking back over our baby name list & reread our blog post announcing that our last “baby sprout” would be named liberty praise.
it was a fun way to be reminded of God’s faithfulness through the years!

& I figure it’s time to share the name of our most recent “sprout”.
but before I do, I wanted to share a little about our (primarily my) naming process.

i have a few criteria for names:

  • not too common, but also not unheard of
  • when heard people inherently know if the child is male or female
  • easy to spell
  • no nicknames!
  • we want the name to represent God’s character & his goodness
  • (& possibly the most irrational criteria) i’ve never met anyone with the name
  • I also like one syllable middle names
  • for some reason girl names were very difficult for us this time around. we have considered many, many girl names & though some of them we really liked, for one reason or another we’ve felt like we couldn’t use them.

    boy names were not so difficult to settle on. problem was we had two!

    one that i deemed our 2nd boy name from the same 1950’s baby book i chose sterling’s name from. oakley.

    as much as i loved it, jarod was a bit more reserved. you see, I liked that oakley has a strong meaning – grove of oaks. and in my mind’s eye, lends itself to beautiful imagery. i especially liked that it’s from the same era as sterling, unique but not unheard of. sterling & oakley – they’ve always seemed like perfect brother names to me. however, jarod thought everyone would automatically associate his name with the sunglasses brand, oakley. so, since jarod didn’t feel the same way as I did it was clearly not a “real” option.

    being that we only had two boy names to begin with, we agreed upon the second name, a bit more modern, and a recent addition to my name list. bonus: jarod loved… {LOVES}… it. and because he loved it, i prayed for wisdom & that we’d be unified.

    and we are.

    so when the ultrasound tech placed the wand on my tummy & immediately revealed the gender, we had only one name in mind…

    still affectionately referred to as “baby sprout” but clearly loved as our son, shepherd zane.

    as you now know, I take this naming business serious.

    understatement of the year.

    sterling creed = standard of purity & confession of faith
    liberty praise = freedom in Christ & he is worthy of all praise
    shepherd zane = may he love our Shepherd & serve God’s people for He is the God of gracious gifts


    great expectations!

    the day finally arrived! after 2 failed blood tests that would check for the overall health of baby sprout & reveal the gender, coupled with the delay of the routine 20 week check-up, i was feeling quite anxious about G-day (gender reveal day).

    the night before i couldn’t sleep.
    i felt just like a child the night before CHRISTmas – awaiting the big surprise!

    truth be told, i was also battling feelings of anxiety as i was desperate to know if baby sprout was indeed ok. the 2 failed blood tests (both “inconclusive”) along with the realities of friends losing babies while we were in the states & since returning created in my heart a deep desire for a report… even if the “report” concluded baby sprout wasn’t developing normally, i wanted to know.

    as a family we arrived at the special hospital that will accommodate foreigner’s desires to know the gender an hour & ½ before we were actually seen. even so, we all waited somewhat patiently. immediately upon entering the ultrasound room there was a hubbub of hushed voices as the technicians debated if they could/would tell us the gender. thankfully a nurse from a nearby hospital assisted us & convinced them to do it.

    we all got in position. i laid down on the “bed” with the big screen tv on the wall opposite my feet, liberty in the chair, sterling standing by my side & jarod (poor guy) responsible for wielding the camera phone, video camera & dslr – which was forgotten.

    ironically, as soon as the ultrasound tech placed the wand on my stomach the gender was revealed.

    immediately i started crying. sterling was concerned that i was in pain. sweet boy. thankfully everyone else in the room accurately surmised that i was happy. i never expected to be overwhelmed with emotion. but there i was, crying & laughing, simultaneously. such a wave of relief & joy as i saw baby sprout snuggled in his cramped quarters moving his hands & feet. he kept putting them in his mouth. yes, even his feet. he was one active little boy! and with all that activity along with the 4D images i experienced great comfort in knowing he was healthy & growing beautifully. in fact, i kinda felt sad for him, snug as he was with his “long legs.” made me feel better about the size of my baby belly. 😉

    as one might expect of 5 & 3 year olds, they each wanted baby sprout to be of their same gender. needless to say, sterling was thrilled with the outcome & gave me a high five while liberty, as usual, took it in stride. obviously not overly concerned that she didn’t get “her way.” so appreciate her ability to go with the flow.

    afterwards jarod confessed that he “knew” the gender all along. funny since he never let on to me… except now looking back he would only refer to baby sprout as “he” (when he wasn’t referring to him as “them!”) & he would never give an opinion about any of the girl name possibilities, though he did have opinions about boy names. sneeky guy.

    reality is, i had absolutely no idea! in a small way i guess i assumed baby sprout would be a girl, thinking the 50+ hair bows would all eventually be used. but knowing that it’s a boy thrills my heart too for many reasons but also because now all those boy toys – wooden train tracks & legos – will experience the joy of being recycled back into our family!

    sterling will be approximately a month shy of 6 & liberty 3 months shy of 4 when baby sprout makes his appearance. sterling’s already proven he’s got his big brother role down – eager to show him the ropes literally & liberty, well i’m positive she’ll be a sweet & helpful big sister.

    and us, we’ll be grateful the older two are potty trained & somewhat independent as we all welcome our newest – oh boy! – bundle of joy!

    God is so good, gracious & loving to bestow yet another mighty miracle upon us. We invite you to rejoice with us & pray for us as he continues to prepare our hearts for this next season of life.

    great expectations!

    absent in april…

    it’s like a bad april fool’s joke.
    destined – if i don’t watch it – to last the entire month.
    since returning to the east side i suddenly found myself busier than (it feels) i’ve ever been.
    my busyness isn’t so much defined by super hero skills or tasks, but by the daily joy of living, finding & making my way in this new season… requiring i pack a lot into my “work day”. as well as a lot of humility.

    truth be told, the little survey i took asking you your communication preferences lent itself to this sabbatical. strangely & beautifully.
    in essence it let me off the hook.
    with a full schedule from wake time to bed time i was struggling with how to make the blog a priority.
    with language lessons while the sprouts are at pre-k, homeschool, jarod’s weekly travel schedule, various communication commitments, life here in general & (get ready to gasp!) domestic duties, i was fighting “blog neglect guilt”… usually during times i was already preoccupied or too tired to think.

    so, our little blog – circa 2005 – has been relegated to the back burner. or better yet, the boiler, rarely used & forgotten.


    the good news is: for the first time – maybe in our entire marriage – we have margin! we’re enjoying a weekly Sabbath/family day. this means we’re intentionally going tech free for an entire day. and the results – priceless.
    we’re laughing more – together.
    every day is not an emergency.
    our schedule is no longer defined by chaos.
    the sprouts are seeing less of my “box” (ie. large screen taking up my lap & attention) & more of my face.
    we’re usually in bed by 10… and getting enough sleep to feel rested.

    in fact, though I have less time & freedom to do photography (seriously lacking & also a cause for less blogging) & writing, as a family we’re able to be just as intentional as we embrace our life here.

    & because it’s worthy of mention, this little blog sabbatical is especially serving me well as i consider what life with the addition of baby sprout will look like.

    so, with that said, i’m positive baby sprout will get some well-deserved screen time…
    but for now, “the girl” at jdavis2.wordpress is enjoying a lighter load…
    & the moments of this season.

    thank you for visiting, faithful ones.

    baby sprout update: 2nd trimester musings & G-day

    18 weeks in & i look & feel a lot more like 35 weeks.


    how did that happen?

    i like to think that the baby is big, but a more likely culprit is the quantity of food i’ve been ingesting.

    thankfully i’ve heard many encouraging remarks like, “it’s okay, you’re eating for two.” (maybe they also think the baby is a full sized human being requiring adult portions!)

    but there are a couple who have questioned just how many baby sprouts there are.

    just for the record: we’ve only seen one on the initial ultrasound. so no reason to think otherwise.

    apart from the size of my ever-growing belly.

    along with increased belly size i’ve also gained the unnatural ability to produce heartburn after nearly every meal.

    with the extra weight and compressed diaphragm i’m also much slower these days.

    my typical speed walking pace has become a casual stroll and my newly acquired need to “take it easy” (read: do life the lazy way) has been made possible with the ingenious idea of a back pillow, making lounging bearable.

    needless to say, i’m not the fun, floor-time play mommy i used to be.

    but i am a happy, still totally surprised & excited mommy-to-be… again!


    and now for the big questions.

    do we want to know the gender? if so, when will we find out?


    & uhhhhh…

    we’ve been doing a little leg work looking for a place/doctor that’ll not only do an ultrasound for us (which in reality isn’t that difficult) but will also tell us the gender (which is quite a bit more difficult here).

    thankfully we have found a place & called to schedule our gender discovery day. now affectionately referred to as G-day!

    oh how i want to know!!!

    even though we don’t have a gender preference or any ideas what-so-ever if baby sprout is a boy or girl, knowing the gender will help us start narrowing down our name options.

    at last count i think i’ve scribbled 35 girl names.

    it’d be nice to know if this is even a name tree worth barking up.

    oh yes, i digress.

    we found a place that said they’d accommodate our “need” but they’re not available before my 20 week check-up so they’d like me to wait until 22 weeks so they can do a “more accurate” 4D ultrasound.

    initial reaction: “wait even longer!?! but, uh, sure.”

    now that we’ve scheduled G-day the question remains: what in the world is a 4D ultrasound?

    so in brief.

    the “traditional ultrasound,” aka. 2D (which i’m a fan of, by the way) is the black & white version usually associated with baby’s first picture.

    “3D scans are still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans are moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.” info courtesy of baby centre

    and the difference a couple of D’s make…

    hoping our designated G-day, april 24th, really does reveal baby sprout’s gender!


    five sentence friday #43

    two weeks in and the headlines are already changing, moving away from flight MH370 coverage.

    i vividly remember that first morning when i first saw the heart-gripping images of family receiving the news that the flight their loved one was on has disappeared… those faces haunt me.

    the desperation, the pain, confusion, hopelessness that has since racked & wrecked their lives remains a living nightmare.

    in light of all the speculation, the unknowns and the search for some kind of information to make sense of what otherwise seems overwhelming and impossible, daily we re-discover that the chaos and lack of answers are churning up the continued need for our prayers.

    please continue to join us in prayer – that those impacted by this tragedy would experience His peace, His comfort and His hope.

    what is YOUR communication preference?

    five sentence Friday #42

    yesterday sterling & i were doing a homeschool activity in which he dictated & i wrote his story about what we like to do as a family.
    first we made a list of things we like to do together.
    the first thing out of his mouth was “watch movies!” which was then followed by a few other fun things we like to do together but i kept prompting him thinking he’d agree with my nonchalant probing that “ride bikes” & “read together” should be on the list.
    but instead he surprised me with “homeschool!” 

    oh my… melt my mama laoshi (teacher mommy) heart!!!