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why jdavis2? it’s pronounced jdavis squared, because although we are 2 people, we are really one, thus 1×1 = 1.

毛大龙 – means fur, big, dragon – altogether is big fuzzy dragon. this is jarod’s chinese name, because he is furry, was born in the year of the dragon, and is much bigger than most of the locals!

金银蝶 – means gold, silver, butterfly – altogether is gold and silver butterfly. this is jennifer’s chinese name, because her favorite verse is 2 cor. 5:17 which refers to us as being new creations in Christ. a butterfly is a great illustration of that. the pronunciation of gold and silver “jin yin” sounds similar to “jenni” of “jennifer”, and thus that became the beginning of her name.

jarod (aka. 毛大龙) & jennifer (aka. 金银蝶) have thus far shared about 17 years of their lives with each other & have been married (1999) for over 14 years …  here’s to many, many more!  cheers!

小银龙 – (xiao yin long) means little silver dragon. this little man is our hoped for child via the gift of adoption. all of our little girls will have “butterfly” in their chinese name after thier mother and little boys will have “dragon” in thier chinese name after their father. we are aware that this breaks apart from the chinese tradition of taking the fathers family name, but we kept to the western tradition of him have his father’s family name in his english name…Sterling Creed Davis.  Sterling for “standard of purity” and Creed for our “confession of faith”.  our first born son has been a home run, and we love him more than we thought possible.  he rocks. adoption has always be plan “a” for us.  we planned on adopting even before we were married.  we always thought that this would be one way that we would grow our family.  we hope to adopt more in the future…

– little sprout – we are pregnant!  suprise!  it was a huge suprise to us, and contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with completing our adoption of Sterling first.  it all has to do with God and his timing.  we did have infertility for over 7 years and were constantly told that we may never be able to give birth to kids.  we had given up on the idea of  being able to have children and here we are!  giving birth to children used to be a part of plan “a” until we scrapped it, and now its back on the table!  God is unpredictable.


“fusion” – we lived there for over 4.5 years. it is an ancient north-east asian city. it is a heavy industrial city with a population of over 1 million people, with over 66% unemployment. we have been studying chinese language at the local university the during our time here. there are about 5 – 10 westerners in the entire city, so we usually go months without ever seeing one!! crazy…

“city of sonshine” is our new destination after being back on the western side of the planet for about a year.  we’ll write more about it once we land…


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bai tou dao lao is a chinese proverb that means white, head, until, old – or together forever. thus – jd2 forever





4 thoughts on “about 关于我们

  1. Oh wow, I’m so excited small red butterfly has her English name, too! Ok, so we won’t pester you about what it is….even though it’s really hard not to! Love you guys! Cool website!

  2. I am really impressed! This looks great! For those (like me) that are technologically challenged, I think I will stick with xanga, facebook and myspace.
    Have a great week!

  3. The suspense is worse than Lost, which is nearing the end of season 3 and is amazing. Can’t wait to send you the DVDs. Hopefully we’ll know her name before then.

  4. We have just learned from K and B about your new adoptive son. We are so excited for you but I think the ballet slippers will not work for him. PTL

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