the understudy…

so, he’s adjusting very quickly.  very quickly. even though we had to get 11 viles of blood drawn at his medical visit a couple days ago (yes 11 viles – it was 30 minutes of pure torture). we have worked hard to hover around the house as much as possible, and this has helped stabilize him a lot.  now, he’s on to new, bigger and better things!  he’s mimicking everything… including our dog meili.  this quick video helps demonstrate what we’re talking about.


4 thoughts on “the understudy…

  1. Curious if you’ll be indoctrinating him to your faith or allowing him to develop his own thoughts on religion/faith/spirituality?

    My response:

    He’s 13 months old. His thoughts revovle around bubbles, food, fuzzy things and watching things drop right now.

    I WILL raise him in the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Lord and show him the folly our societies have to offer. When he is old enough and mature enough he will, of course, make his own decisions and I hope that I will have pointed him in the right direction.

  2. Anywho, it looks like you have a beautiful boy… so please do the world a favor and allow him the chance to develop his spiritual bent on his own. Obviously inform him of your thoughts on the subject, but allow him the freedom to make up his own mind…. as the majority of people I meet who are a bit *off* in this world had their God-decisions made for them at birth and were indoctrinated to the faith of their parents with no room for self realization and/or growth.

    My response:

    Most people who are “off” in this world are “off” for reasons far more complex than what you stated above, but they do certainly include it. I’ll do the world a favor by raising him right and in love – with purpose and focus.

    When he’s old enough – his decisions will be his own. Until then, we’ll make decisions for him as we see fit as his parents.

  3. Well said, parents! Besides, when he becomes old enough to make his own decisions, if he decides to be a true believer, the journey to develop a real personal relationship with the Lord will only be possible as he searches out who he really is and seeks genuine growth in his own life.

  4. Glad to see things are going so well.
    Of course you will raise him in your faith, you are his parents, it is your job to do what is best for him. Children need a foundation to stand on. When he is an adult, it will be his choice, but without that foundation, he won’t have anything to choose about! Keep up the good word 🙂

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